Twitch is adding over 350 new tags including ‘transgender, Black, disabled, veteran, and Vtuber’

Beginning next week, Twitch streamers will have more tools to connect with their communities thanks to the addition of more than 350 new tags “related to gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, ability, mental health, and more”, as the streaming platform announced in a recent blog post. “The list of tags include transgender, Black, disabled, veteran, and Vtuber, among many others.”

Twitch was formerly strict about tags, preferring they be used to describe what was happening in streams rather than the streamers, with tags including achievement hunting, first playthrough, and social eating. The exception was the LGBTQIA+ tag, and its success as well as repeated requests from transgender streamers in particular has led Twitch to reconsider its stance. Viewers aren’t just looking for ‘content’, they want streamers they can identify with and return to. 

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