Doom II’s Revenant Is Wearing Pants Made Of Flesh AKA Flants

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Whenever I played Doom II, I just assumed the deadly Revenant was just wearing some red pants. Now, according to John Romero himself (in a very serious, not-at-all-joking tweet), we now know those pants are made out of flesh. Or as Romero calls them, flants.

Doom II’s Revenant is an annoying bastard who can quickly kill the Doomguy with its homing missiles. In the original game, it also sported bright red pants and what appeared to be some football pads with missile launchers stuck to the shoulders. Those pads are, as far as I know, not made of flesh. But the pants? Them pants are genuine flesh. I’d assume human flesh, but who knows? Actually, John Romero probably knows.

If you want to learn more about the Revenant and its powerful missiles, this video from Doom expert Decino is worth a watch. I also took the time last year to rank all the Doom demons, including our flants wearing pal The Revenant. (Spoilers: He did pretty well!)

Romero earlier this year also waded into the ongoing debate over if Quake II’s Shamblers were covered in fur or not. According to legendary designer, nope, the Shambler ain’t covered in fur.

You learn something new every day.



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