Fans can vote on a Pokemon Sword & Shield item that will be distributed during the Players Cup IV streams

Later this summer, Pokemon fans are going to be able to tune in for The Pokémon Players Cup IV. Even if the event itself doesn’t interest you, there’s another reason that you may want to watch. Codes are going to appear throughout the stream, and these will give you rewards, depending on the game. There are going to be cards for Pokémon Trading Card Game Online and in-game items for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

However, the exact item that is distributed for Pokemon Sword and Shield is going to be determined by fans. A Twitter poll is currently open, until May 20th, where fans can choose between the PP Max, Focus Sash, Lucky Egg, and Gold Bottle Cap. The item with the highest percentage of votes will be the distributed item. You can see the poll down below.

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