Fast & Furious DLC is returning to Rocket League on June 17

Psyonix just announced the return of Fast & Furious content to Rocket League starting June 17.

The Fast & Furious DLC 3-car bundle will include the Dodge Charger, Nissan Skyline, and the all-new Pontiac Fiero. The bundle will also include a whole bunch of Fast & Furious inspired cosmetic items which weren’t included when the DLC cars first released back in 2017. The 3-car bundle will be sold in the items shop for 2400 credits while the individual car packs can be purchased for 1000 Credits each. Each car pack will feature two wheels and a bunch of decals that players can use to customize their respective cars.

Those who already own the Dodge Charger or Nissan Skyline can purchase an upgrade pack for each card which includes new wheels and decals for 300 credits. Players can also claim the “Tuna, No Crust” title from the free section of the item shop once the bundle releases.

Two new Player Anthems are also making their way to the game. The first song will be Furiosa, a new song by Anitta while the second anthem will remain a surprise for now. You can pick up the Fast & Furious bundle or 2400 Credits in the Rocket League Item Shop starting June 17.

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