Fate/Grand Order Gudaguda Final Starts a Nobunaga Battle Royale

It’s time for the Masters of Chaldea to decide who is the Demon King to reign supreme. A new Fate/Grand Order event, Gudaguda Final Honnoji, has begun. Now the various incarnations of Oda Nobunaga found in the Fate multiverse will battle for advantage, to decide who rules once and for all.

The event was accompanied by a promo video, animated by Studio A-1.

Named after the temple where the historical Oda Nobunaga was assassinated, Gudaguda Final Honnoji will see Fate/Grand Order players transported to an altered version of Japan’s Sengoku period, the time when Nobunaga rose to power. There they’ll battle other warlords to take control of territory, recruiting useful NPC characters to fight on their side. The event will also reward players with a free playable Servant, the 4-Star Lancer Nagao Kagetora. Kagetora will join players’ rosters permanently upon completing the event’s main story.

Nagao Kagetora is the birth name of the warlord better known as Uesugi Kenshin. Ruler of Echigo province in the 16th century, Kenshin fostered famous rivalries with his neighbors, the warlords Takeda Shingen and Hojo Ujiyasu. Kenshin would later defeat Oda Nobunaga at the Battle of Tedorigawa in 1577, managing to steal territory from the clan that had risen to prominence among the many factions of the era.

Unlike Yugakshetra, the most recent content added to Fate/Grand Order, Gudaguda Final Honnoji is a limited-time event, and will only last until July 3, 2024. Players have until then to complete the event and gather rewards to their satisfaction. To aid their progress, certain Servants will gain bonuses to their attack power. These include new Servants like Nagao Kagetora, as well as existing ones like Okita Souji and even the free Archer-class Oda Nobunaga acquired from the first Gudaguda event in 2017.

Players angling to spend some Saint Quartz will also have a new premium summoning banner to roll on. The marquee addition to Fate/Grand Order for the Gudaguda Final Honnoji event is the 5-Star Avenger-class Demon King Nobunaga. The Demon King is escorted by one of Nobunaga’s notable retainers, Mori Nagayoshi. His famously volatile temperament is reflected in his classing as a 4-Star Berserker Servant. Another 4-Star Berserker is the Summer variant of Nobunaga herself.

Fate/Grand Order is immediately available on Android and iOS. The Gudaguda Final Honnoji event will run until July 3, 2024.


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