Fate/Grand Order Lostbelt 4 Yugakshetra Kicks Off

The pre-release campaign may not be over yet, but the latest addition to the story campaign for Fate/Grand Order, Lostbelt Yugakshetra, is live. As of June 3, 2024, the next chapter of the Cosmos in the Lostbelt narrative is accessible to any player that has cleared the game up to the previous chapter, Lostbelt S.I.N.

Aniplex of America supplied an English-subtitled trailer for Yugakshetra as well.

The new Fate/Grand Order Lostbelt 4 trailer is narrated by none other than Scandinavia Peperoncino, a member of the Crypters. Sporting a saucy pseudonym, an affable personality, and unmatched skill in combat, “Pepe” will give the Masters of Chaldea a stiff challenge as they move to infiltrate Yugakshetra. It is a living remnant of an alternate history where the Hindu cosmology reigned over the whole world. “Yuga Kshetra” can be taken to mean “Where the Yuga takes place,” referring to the “Yuga Cycle,” the concept of cyclical epochs. It is inspired by Sanskrit epics like the Mahabharata and Ramayana. Players will dive in to seek supplies, reinforcements, and cut down the Tree of Emptiness that threatens to consume the world. They’ll be joined by Servants like Karna and Rama, as well as a handful of new characters.

Conveniently enough, those new characters will also be added to Fate/Grand Order‘s premium summoning system for players to (potentially) add to their rosters. Lostbelt Yugakshetra launched with a new premium banner advertising three new playable Servants. The 3-Star Archer William Tell will join two more Servants inspired by Indian history and myth. The 4-Star Saber Lakshmi Bai is based on a 19th-century queen who helped lead a major uprising by Indians against British rule. The 5-Star Great Stone God is an animated statue that at first glance appears to be the spitting image of the elephant-headed Hindu deity Ganesha. Great Stone God is notable in that they are Fate/Grand Order‘s third MoonCancer-class Servant, and the only one to date that isn’t an incarnation of BB. Frugal Masters should beware, though. None of the Servants on this banner are limited and will be added to the general summoning pool after the promotional period ends. That said, Yugakshetra has a second banner waiting in the wings, and its featured Servants will be limited.

Aniplex also posted video previews of the new Servants’ Noble Phantasms.

Fate/Grand Order is immediately available on Android and iOS devices. The Yugakshetra Lostbelt 4 is a permanent addition to the game’s story campaign. A new anime spinoff, Fate/Grand Carnival, was recently released.


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