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Wanderer is an action-adventure set in an alternate timeline. One where nature has taken over and everything you know about our real world has been flipped on its head. Is it within your control to change back the course of history or are some things just inevitable?

With our next trailer, the Wanderer team (New Zealand-based indie game studios M Theory and Oddboy) showcase more of the unique characters and puzzles you’ll find in the game while revealing further, exciting clues about Wanderer’s underlying story.

Rewrite the past and reshape the future in PS VR adventure Wanderer

Now’s your chance to get immersed in a time travel experience like never before. Wanderer lets you discover and embody an infamous cast of characters with some of history’s most daring explorers, revered inventors, and fearless conquerors. Imagine visiting Tesla’s lab to help him prepare his world power machine or experiencing that fateful day in 1969 when humans first set foot on the moon.

Who are trusted allies and who are there to foil your attempts to change the course of time?

Wanderer lets you jump back and forth through time and dive headfirst into beautifully detailed worlds that pay homage to real events and moments from history. Wanderer’s themes explore historical, futuristic and post-apocalyptic settings while discovering bygone eras including ancient civilisations, war times, the highly contested space race, and the hippie-cultured 60s.

It’s not all just the heavy stuff though! In between saving mankind (no pressure) Wanderer delivers the best in virtual reality fun with mini games and activities to explore – why not race an RC car around the moon for an out of this world experience or try your hand at the drums for a psychedelic 60s buzz. Some of these might even lead to cracking the code in solving a few tricky puzzles.

Wanderer sure is shaping up to be an intriguing adventure. What are your theories for the game? What would you change about the past if you could travel back in time? 


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