Feudal city builder Medieval Dynasty will leave Early Access this fall

As children, we all learned the sing-song phrase, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but we’re going to need a lot of them if we’re going to survive the winter.” Okay, so not everyone heard the same version, but that’s basically what you’ll need to be thinking about when you start up a new game of Medieval Dynasty, a city-building game set in the Middle Ages that will be leaving Early Access September 23.

Medieval Dynasty has been available on Steam Early Access and in ‘game preview’ form on the Xbox Game Pass for PC app for a little less than a year, and so far, developer Render Cube says the player response has been positive. Since Early Access launch, Medieval Dynasty has seen five major content updates, which have added everything from beekeeping to smelting, horses and donkeys, and plenty more.

Render Cube says it’ll share more specifics about what’s in the 1.0 update closer to launch, but for now it says players can look forward to “new content, balancing improvements, overall performance and game polishing, as well as new story elements” when the launch patch arrives.

For the first time, you’ll also have to deal with the thread of bandits, whose job it is to come and ruin the village you’ve so painstakingly set up with your townsfolk.

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Another addition on the way with 1.0 is herbalism, which means you’ll be able to grow valuable plants to use in either trade or as healing items, which you may need once those dastardly bandits start poking around.

Now through August 9, Developer Toplitz Productions is running a 20% discount on Medieval Dynasty. That means you can buy the game for $24.99 / £18.39 during the sale, which might not be a bad idea if you’re interested in the game, because once the 1.0 update arrives, the base price will be going up.

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