FFXIV Cake Made by Great British Baking Show’s Kim-Joy

It’s a big day for Final Fantasy XIV, as the game just celebrated its 8th anniversary. To honor the occasion, Square Enix had former Great British Baking Show contestant Kim-Joy create a FFXIV “birthday” cake. There’s also a video going through the different steps taken to recreate iconic characters in a more edible form.

Kim-Joy began by showing the ingredients used to make the FFXIV cake. Then, she constructs the base cake itself. After that, she started making the individual characters that would appear as decorations. She began with Spriggans. Then, she baked some Chocobo buns. After that came the Cactaur biscuits. Finally, it closed off with the Moogle that would appear on top. She then puts everything together and shows the finished birthday cake.

Here’s the full FFXIV 8th anniversary birthday cake video starring Kim-Joy.

Kim-Joy appeared in a 2018 season of The Great British Bake Off, which appears on Netflix as The Great British Baking Show. She is known for her cute designs.

Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. As part of its eighth anniversary, the FFXIV The Rising event is running until September 9, 2023. There is also a sale being held that discounts things like FFXIV mounts.


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