Final Fantasy XIV Spring Items Are Resshi Attire and Flower Shower

Square Enix is closing out the spring season by adding a new batch of cosmetic items to the Final Fantasy XIV online store. These Spring Items include an animated emote and a full cosmetic glamour outfit. The items were detailed in a post on the official FFXIV Twitter account:

The first of the Final Fantasy XIV spring items is the Resshi attire glamour equipment set. The outfit evokes the Japanese-inspired aesthetic of locations like Kugane and Doma. It consists of four pieces, which can be equipped to the torso, head, feet, and legs. The torso item is a kimono covered in a haori jacket and accented with a loosely wrapped scarf. An emblem bearing a triple-tomoe design is emblazoned on the back of the jacket. The hakama pants are bound at the shins, to ease movement, and sandals are worn on the feet. A hachigane plated headband tops off the ensemble. The items can be dyed based on a player’s preference, but by default the haori is colored light-blue, with white patterns on the sleeves and hem.

The name of the outfit, “Resshi,” can be taken to mean “Patriot” in Japanese. This, combined with the color scheme, appears to recall popular images of the uniform worn by Japan’s real-life Shinsengumi. Organized by the Shogunate in its waning years, the Shinsengumi were a 19th-century special police unit dedicated to protecting government leaders and rooting out revolutionaries in Kyoto. After the Edo period, the Shinsengumi went on to become a staple of Japanese popular culture, including anime and video games such as the Hakuouki series. Final Fantasy XIV has its own echo of the Shinsengumi: The Kugane-based Sekiseigumi, though that organization wears a red outfit.

The second of the Final Fantasy XIV spring items is the Flower Shower emote, which causes the character to toss a large amount of multicolored petals into the air. Square Enix also uploaded a clip of the emote in action.

Both of the Final Fantasy XIV spring items are available in the game’s online optional item store. The Resshi Attire costs USD $18, while the Flower Shower emote costs USD $7.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available on the PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox One. Check out Kazuma’s impressions of the latest major content addition to the Shadowbringers expansion, Patch 5.5.


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