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XD Inc has announced that they will be releasing Freebird Games’ Finding Paradise for iOS and Android devices. It is a port of the 2017 story-driven adventure game from the team behind A Bird Story and To the Moon. Like its predecessors, the PC version of the game was well-received, holding a healthy Metacritic score of 81.

It follows the story of two doctors, Dr Rosalene and Dr Watts, as they travel through the memories of an ailing man in an attempt to fulfil his dying wish. You see, they are skilled at performing an operation that gives patients a new life – but only in their heads – before they pass away. Though this life might not be real, it is the last memory they will have before dying, which is pretty powerful.

So, if you’ve not played the game on PC and enjoy emotional stories, Finding Paradise might be worth checking out when it arrives on mobile. The narrative draws from the creator’s real-life experiences and features an original soundtrack from Kan Gao and co that sounds lovely. 

XD Inc has developed the mobile port of Finding Paradise from the ground up, with an HD remaster of the original pixel art style. Of course, they have also made adjustments to the UI, menu design and controls to better suit touch screen devices. Additionally, an autosave feature has been added to account for shorter play sessions.

Finding Paradise is heading for iOS and Android, with pre-registration open now on TapTap. There is no word on pricing or the release date just yet, but we’ll update you when we learn more.

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