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Flocks is a new game from indie developer nada studio that’s available now for iOS devices. You may remember nada studio as the creator of 1sland, the multiplayer ‘Paddle Royale’ exploration game that launched last year.

Aside from featuring a beautiful, brightly coloured aesthetic, however, the two games have very little in common. 1sland was a free-to-play multiplayer game, whilst Flocks is a premium puzzler that will task players with thinking outside of the box to find solutions to its conundrums.

Rather than describing each puzzle as level or stage, nada studio refer to the numerous areas you’ll encounter as scenarios. They are all physics-based and promise to be fast and fun to complete, meaning you will hopefully be jumping from scene to scene without becoming bored.

The twist with flocks is that rather than controlling a single character, you will be taking charge of whole groups at a time, the titular Flocks if you will. To tackle each puzzle, you will need to combine and split up your troops to overcome the various scenarios you will face.

Each member of the group can grab items whilst you can also stack characters on top of one another to access hard to reach places. So, even though Flocks isn’t a multiplayer game, it still involves teamwork.

The game’s undeniably lovely aesthetic is supposed to give the impression that you’re playing within a 2D illustration, but you can explore that world in 3D. It is certainly an intriguing little puzzler and one I am looking forward to giving a try.

Flocks is available now over on the App Store. It’s a premium title that costs $2.99.

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