Fortnite: Bouncers Unvaulted For Wild Week #3

Guess what? Bouncers are back in Fortnite!

There are a few devices in Fortnite that really linger in our memories.

Among them are bouncers. With Wild Week 3 setting in, Epic Games are unvaulting bouncers in the game!

Read more to learn about what it does, whether it is permanent, and how to get and use it!

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Impossible Escape LTM Trailer – Fortnite



Impossible Escape LTM Trailer – Fortnite





Bouncers Unvaulted In Fortnite For Wild Week 3

Wild Week is a new feature in Fortnite currently entering its third iteration. The first and second Wild Weeks saw interesting additions to the game that made players rethink strategies.

With the third Wild Week about to start, we know that the theme is all about beating gravity!

To make the most of the idea of rejecting gravity and getting maximum air-time, getting bouncers unvaulted seems like a fun and wise decision. But is it permanent?

Are Bouncers Being Unvaulted Permanent?

Unfortunately, bouncers are going to stick around in Fortnite just for this new Wild Week. Bouncers are unvaulted and will be revaulted next week.

This is similar to the Flare Gun we recently saw vaulted and unvaulted. This was reported by Twitter user kiwiroyale.

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How To Get And Use Bouncers In Fortnite

Let’s start by understanding how to get bouncers in Fortnite. They are found in quite a few places in the map such as floor loot, in chests, Supply Llamas, and Supply Drops. Remember that they drop in stacks of 3 and you can stack them infinitely.

They function as a device which can be placed on any structure you own as well as neutral structures. You can place them in any direction and they will launch players or vehicles away from them. You also won’t receive any fall damage you take.

If you create a box with bouncers on all surfaces, one of them breaks. Other than this feature though, you can use them infinitely! Also, remember that placing it on the side of a structure instantly launches you on near contact. Placing it on a flat surface or slope, however, will need you to touch it.

Have fun with bouncers back in Fortnite for Wild Week 3!

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