Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Invasion: Guides and features hub

We’re now going from the Stone Age to the future in Fortnite Season 7: Invasion. There are aliens with UFOs, more super heroes, and even a Rick and Morty crossover. On top of that, there’s another long list of gameplay changes meant to spice things up for another couple months of play. This season is particularly interesting due to the mix of new content and classic weapons/mechanics. Thanks to the new content alongside the return of launch pads, snipers, and other previously popular weapons, what’s old is new again.

While this season didn’t feature as much narrative content to go along with the alien invasion, there is still a quick trailer to watch. However, once you jump into the game, you’ll quickly realize how confusing Fortnite Season 7: Invasion is upon landing for the first time. You see, all of the content in the trailer isn’t immediately obvious.


Epic’s patch notes are also a bit shaky right now at best. Perhaps this season is all about discovering the unknown. That doesn’t need to be a problem for you though. We’ve put together a list of guides on how to do everything from getting the new UFOs, to acquiring the best weapons, completing Quests, and finding the right NPC characters.

This list will also continue to grow throughout the season, so check back regularly for more features and guides for weekly challenges and secret content. Here’s the Battle Pass trailer below in case you’re wondering what the rewards look like this season.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 — Guides and features hub

All map changes and new locations – There are just a few changes to points of interest, but Epic added a lot of new sights to see in other places. Check out the new IO bases all over the map.

All new weapons, weapon changes, and crafting mechanics – Knowing what’s gone from the Primal season and what’s new is the key to victory. Be sure to learn what each of the new weapons do and how to get them.

Epic teases alien shotguns for Season 7 – Remember this? Epic hinted at a lot of things for Season 7. The Pulsar 7000 shotgun was an obvious clue, but it’s not in the game at the moment. Check our weapons changes guide to learn more.

Where to find all exotic weapons and the prices – Everyone loves weapons with special properties. There are a few to grab this season, but you’ll need to know who stocks them and how much gold you need.

How to get the Mythic Pulse Rifle – Only one NPC has a mythic weapon at the moment in this season. Here’s who you need to see for this high damage precision rifle.

Where to find all of the NPC characters – There are 17 of them this season. They don’t offer all the perks they did previously, but you’ll want to visit them still. Some more than others.

All Bounty Board locations around the map – While not as important as previous seasons, you’ll need to pick up bounties at some point. Bounties are an easy source for earning gold bars still and interacting with a Bounty Board is the only way to get Bounties now.

Where to find Weapon Upgrade Benches – NPC characters no longer offer weapon upgrades. You’ll need to find of these stations to get yourself some better guns.

How to catch Living Loot Llamas – These piñata-looking loot crates are now living creatures that will spit items at you while they run away. Learn how Epic overhauled Llamas this season and what you need to do to get them.

Where to find Cosmic Chests and how to open them – These rare new chests offer enough rewards for the whole team. You never know what the reward will be, but it’s bound to be good. You can also receive additional Alien Artifacts from them to further customize the Kymera skin.

How to find UFOs and use them – Become the invaders with these fast new flying attack ships. You can even bring the whole squad along for the ride.


fortnite season 7 invasion guide quests challenges

Quests and weekly challenge walkthroughs

Where to find a payphone location – One Quest tasks you with visiting a payphone to answer the call. Learn where to find one of these to claim the 30,000 XP reward and how to use them to get more gold bars.

Where to place rubber ducks – This Week 1 Quest is simple enough. You just need to deploy some rubber duckies to the right spots to earn 30,000 XP.

How to get Superman and Rick Sanchez skins – These two are sure to draw the crowds. Learn what you need to do to become the Man of Steel and a mad scientist.

Where to find Mending Machines – You’ll need to find one of these healing-oriented vending machines to complete this challenge and earn the 30,000 XP reward. Here are the locations.

Where to find Alien Artifacts during Week 1 – If you want to give your Kymera alien skin a truly unique look, you’ll need to get as many of these Alien Artifacts to unlock the different styles.

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