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Genshin Impact is all about the characters, and there’s a dizzying array of them to keep track of, with more added in each update.

From star rankings and elements, to skills, weapons, and more, deciding which character is the best fit for your party isn’t always an easy task. Our character list and recommended characters takes the guesswork out and helps point you in the right direction.

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Genshin Impact character list

We’ve divided all the Genshin Impact characters based on star ranking and element before listing their weapons and special dishes.

Each character has a special dish where there’s a slight chance they’ll produce an enhanced version of that dish if you choose them during cooking. The emphasis is on “slight,” however, since the chances are quite low.

We’ve also added a few recommendations for the best characters you can aim for and how they benefit your party.

Genshin Impact five star characters

Genshin Impact five-star character list
Name Element Weapon Special Dish
Kazuha Anemo Sword TBD
Eula Cryo Claymore Stormcrest Dish, obtained by cooking Moon Pie
Ganyu Cryo Bow Prosperous Peace, obtained by cooking Universal Peace
Qiqi Cryo Sword No Tomorrow, obtained by cooking Come and Get It
Diluc Pyro Claymore Once Upon a Time in Mondstadt, obtained by cooking Pile ‘Em Up
Hu Tao Pyro Polearm Ghostly March, obtained by cooking Vegetarian Abalone
Klee Pyro Catalyst Fish Flavored Toast, obtained by cooking Fisherman’s Toast
Jean Anemo Sword Invigorating Pizza, obtained by cooking Mushroom Pizza
Venti Anemo Bow A Buoyant Breeze, obtained by cooking Barbatos Ratatouille
Xiao Anemo Polearm Sweet Dream, obtained by cooking Almond Tofu
Albedo Geo Sword Woodland Dream, obtained by cooking Sunshine Sprat
Zhongli Geo Polearm Slow-Cooked Bamboo Shoot Soup, obtained by cooking Bamboo Shoot Soup
Tartaglia Hydro Bow/Dual Sword A Prize Catch, obtained by cooking Calla Lily Seafood Soup
Mona Hydro Catalyst Der Weisheit Letzter Schluss, obtained by cooking Satisfying Salad
Keqing Electro Sword Survival Grilled Fish, obtained by cooking Grilled Tiger Fish

The spot for the best five star Genshin Impact characters is a contested one. If you’re looking just for DPS, it’s a close tie between Diluc and Eula, with Eula pulling ahead by a smidgeon. Both have high base attack stats and use claymores, with the main difference being in their Elemental abilities.

Eula’s grants her a defense-boosting item in its press form, and the hold form consumes those items to deal heavier damage. Her Elemental Burst generates a Light Sword that deals explosive damage after a set time.

Diluc’s Skill can be used three times consecutively without cooldown, though, and his Burst deals extended Pyro damage.

Then there’s Venti, a solid mix of support and DPS that fits with any team. Ranged attacks are always handy, and his Elemental abilities deal extensive damage while setting up Elemental Reactions at the same time.

Genshin Impact four star characters

Genshin Impact four-star character list
Name Element Weapon Special Dish
Kaeya Cryo Sword Fruity Skewers, obtained by cooking Chicken-Mushroom Skewer
Rosaria Cryo Polearm Dinner of Judgement, obtained by cooking Sweet Madame
Chongyun Cryo Claymore Cold Noodles with Mountain Delicacies, obtained by cooking Noodles with Mountain Delicacies
Diona Cryo Bow Definitely Not Bar Food! obtained by cooking Mondstadt Grilled Fish
Yanfei Pyro Catalyst My Way, obtained by cooking Crab Roe Tofu
Amber Pyro Bow Outrider’s Champion Steak! obtained by cooking Steak
Xiangling Pyro Polearm Wanmin Restuarant’s Boiled Fish, obtained by cooking Black-Back Perch Stew
Xinyan Pyro Claymore Rockin’ Riffin’ Chicken! obtained by cooking Jueyun Chili Chicken
Bennett Pyro Sword Teyvan Charred Egg, obtained by cooking Teyvat Fried Egg
Razor Electro Claymore Puppy Paw Hash Brown, obtained by cooking Mondstadt Hash Brown
Fischl Electro Bow Die Heilige Sinfonie, obtained by cooking Cold Cut Platter
Lisa Electro Catalyst Mysterious Bolognese, obtained by cooking Flaming Red Bolognese
Beidou Electro Claymore Flash-Fried Fillet, obtained by cooking Stir-Fried Fillet
Barbara Hydro Catalyst Spicy Stew, obtained by cooking Cream Stew
Xingqiu Hydro Sword All-Delicacy Parcels, obtained by cooking Crystal Shrimp
Noelle Geo Claymore Lighter Than Air Pancakes, obtained by cooking Tea Break Pancake
Nigguang Geo Catalyst Qiankun Mora Meat, obtained by cooking Mora Meat
Sucrose Anemo Catalyst Nutritious Meal (V. 593), obtained by cooking Crab, Ham, and Veggie Bake

Choosing the best Genshin Impact four star characters depends on your needs and playstyle. Unlike the five star characters who’re made mostly for dealing damage, the four star characters are a bit more varied, with healers, designated support characters, and even tanks.

Noelle is one of the first characters you’ll likely obtain through the Wish system. She’s certainly worth levelling up and keeping around if you can unlock her first Constellation, I Got Your Back. It automatically activates her shield’s healing function and restores HP to the entire party while she deals damage.

Diona beats out Barbara as a mixed healer and DPS character (sorry, Barbara’s new outfit). Her Elemental Skill deals Cryo damage and creates a temporary shield, while her Burst makes a field of ice that heals you. Ranged Cryo is always useful for freezing Wet enemies too.

Finally, we recommend Yanfei and Fischl for Genshin Impact characters to fill the DPS slot.

Fischl deals heavy Electro damage, especially with her first Constellation unlocked. Her long-lasting Skill also makes it easy to switch out and trigger Reactions.

Yanfei’s abilities make her an almost constant attacker. She has reduced stamina cost for charged attacks and abilities that strengthen them at the same time. There’s no better character for dealing with Cryo or shielded enemies.

How to build the best party in Genshin Impact

Where you’re trying to build the best party in Genshin Impact, it’s tempting to throw whichever character you like the look of together without much thought.

However, you’re potentially missing out on big bonuses to your stats from Elemental Resonance. This is where you stack your party with characters from the same or complementary elements to trigger extra effects.

Add the following to your party to aid them in battle:

  • Protective Canopy – 4 different elements – +15% Elemental and Physical Resistance
  • Enduring Rock – 2 Geo users – +15% damage when protected by a shield, harder to interrupt
  • Fervent Flames – 2 Pyro users – Affected by Cryo element for 40% less time, increase attack by 25%
  • Soothing Waters – 2 Hydro users – Affected by Pyro element for 40% less time, increase incoming healing by 30%
  • Impetuous Winds – 2 Anemo users – Decrease stamina consumption by 15%, increase movement speed by 10% and decrease skill cooldown by 5%
  • High Voltage – 2 Electro users – Affected by Hydro for 40% less time, Electro elemental reactions always trigger elemental particle
  • Shattering Ice – 2 Cryo users – Affected by Electro for 40% less time, increases critical hit rate against frozen enemies by 15%

If you’re having trouble getting your ideal party together, we’ve got some more help for you. For those looking for specific characters or resources, this website offers Genshin accounts as an alternative way to build your dream team. Additionally, check out some of this month’s Genshin promo codes to get an extra Primogem boost and make it easier to grind Adventure Rank XP.




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