Genshin Impact Character Tier List: Superconduct (Physical)

The free to play ARPG, Genshin Impact, has now been out for a while. As a gacha game, some of the frequently asked questions are about characters. Whether it’s about how to build them, how to team them up together, and more importantly, how they rank up compared to each other. Or in other words, Character Tier lists. The importance of tier lists in gacha games come from the limited access to characters. By merely playing the game daily, you are guaranteed some premium currency called Primogems to pull or to use on Wishes on banners.

But that’s it, the Primogems are a finite amount if you are a free-to-play player, so it’s important to do some decision making and think carefully before spending them. Even for those who decide to invest a little, it’s good to know which characters to go after and have a plan. At the very least, you want to spend them on characters that matter, or ones that will be beneficial to your team. We will help you answer these questions, with our Fextralife Genshin Impact Superconduct Tier List.

Genshin Impact Character Tier List: Superconduct (Physical)

Genshin Impact offers a big world to explore, with a huge roster of characters, the latest being Eula, making that 32 playable characters in total (33 if you count the main character).

To properly give every Character a fair chance of representation, I’ve decided to split characters by the roles they can play in a party, the most unique aspect of every character, and the elemental reaction they are capable of causing. Since most enemies in-game are either immune, resistant, or weak against certain elemental reactions, that would be the main focal point for our version of tier lists. Tier Lists can be slightly subjective at times, due to personal preference when it comes to playstyle, but we will way up the good and the bad in our rankings so you have a better understanding of how we got there.

We will take into consideration the amount of damage a character can inflict, the frequency of applying said element, and the accessibility of the character. So for five-star characters, we judge characters based on their Zero Constellation (C Zero). Any five-star characters that require more constellations to function will be ranked lower than characters that give their whole kit from the get-go. For four-star characters however, since they frequently appear in different banners with an up-rate, and are easier to obtain, they will be judged accordingly. This is why I’m ranking four-star characters based on what they can achieve with  C1, C2, or C4, sometimes even on C6 performance in certain cases.

So while you navigate our tier list, note that it doesn’t represent the maximum potential of each character, but rather a sum of different factors including accessibility. Each of our tier lists may vary slightly due to their purpose to others so read on for our Crystallized list. With that settled, let’s get going.

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Physical Damage, and How Superconduct Works

Physical damage is the default damage type for normal attacks of all characters, with the exception of Catalyst users. Physical is not an element, so it’s not affected by elemental modifiers, nor is Swirl reaction. Enemies are protected by Def and Physical resistance against Physical damage, so reducing enemy Def is the way to go with Physical teams. The only elemental reaction that reduces enemy Def is Superconduct, which procs when Electro meets Cryo. The other reaction that physical can interact with is Frozen, coming from Cryo and Hydro. When heavy physical damage from Claymore hits a frozen enemy, it will shatter the enemy, dealing another instance of physical damage.

Physical damage dealers can be a character from any elemental category, but these special reactions give Electro and Cryo characters an advantage. Electro characters like Razor can play as main physical DPS, and already have half the Superconduct reaction. So building a physical team around Electro or Cryo characters is more flexible and less restrictive, compared to Pyro characters. Same for Cryo characters like Eula.

Take note that Resistance shred from Superconduct stacks with other sources of resistance shred, and has diminishing returns. Talents like Zhongli‘s Elemental Skill, or Constellations like Xinyan‘s C4, or Razor‘s C4, all have Def or Physical resistance shred. If you have one or two of them in your party, they are usually sufficient, and you can ditch Superconduct in favor of more direct DPS. That case is especially true if your main DPS is not Electro or Cryo, such as Xinyan or Xiangling. However, Ruin Guard enemy types are very resistant to Physical damage, and you need several sources of resistance shred for them.

Who to Play as a Physical DPS

In theory, any Melee character that uses Sword, Claymore, Bow, or Polearm can be physical DPS. All of these characters have their Normal Attack dealing physical damage. However, most of the characters have their setup designed for an elemental build, and not a physical one. There are cases with characters converting their Normal and charged attacks to an element, eliminating the possibility of a physical build entirely.

Here in is this tier list, I’ll only consider characters without elemental conversion, and consider characters that have access to a proper physical weapon. So you will not see Diluc, Bennett, Childe, Hu Tao, Noelle, Xiao, nor Chongyun. You will also not see Bow characters that focus on charged attacks such as Amber or Ganyu, as charge attacks for bows are elemental.

Other characters have a varying degree of viability, but overall, Physical damage is generally weaker than the top elemental damage. So beware that physical is easy to build, but has its limits. Also, some characters who can build physical very well, are better built than their elemental counterpart.

Eula (SS Rank)

Eula is the latest addition to the character roster in Genshin Impact, which adds an entirely new playstyle to the game. She has two  very distinct mechanics, the first being the “Grimheart stacks”, which relates to her Elemental Skill, and the second is “Lightfall Sword” tied to her Elemental Burst. Her Elemental skill only has a four-second cooldown, and which can occur twice, then she gets bonus damage by holding it before attacking. It’s a nice Cryo DPS similar to Razor’s Elemental Skill, but doesn’t regenerate Energy. What it does do though when consuming stacks is reduce Physical RES and Cryo RES, at the same time.

For a Physical Eula build, it’s just a nice setup for her massive Elemental Burst. When Eula uses her Elemental Burst, she spawns Lightfall Sword, which follows her, and gets charged with every Normal attack and Elemental Skill she uses. The sword has a 7 second duration and then explodes, dealing damage depending on how many hits Eula executes in the seven-second duration. Long story short, this skill has the potential to deal massive physical damage, but has several Caveats.

She’s the first five-star character dedicated to Physical damage, so it’s fair she’s the strongest. However, MiHoYo made sure she has enough downsides to not ruin the balance in-game.

Strength and weakness of Eula

On paper, if Eula can use her Elemental Burst on cooldown, she can easily be the number one Carry in the game. Her Lightfall Sword can get 30 charges, and that takes her damage modifier up to +6000%! It means she can hit over one million damage before counting the resistance shred. But in reality, there are several issues that brings her total DPS further down. First and foremost, her Energy requirement is the highest in the game (80 Energy cost), with a low capability of generating her own Energy. That’s more severe than Xinyan and Xiao’s energy issue, and Cryo doesn’t have characters like Bennett to generate all Energy. At her best, Eula can be paired with Diona with a high refined Sacrificial Bow, for double the amount of Energy on the Elemental Skill hold.

Then there’s the issue of her field time, she needs to be on the field collecting Energy particles, to charge her Burst. Also she needs to be on the field for the whole 7 seconds straight after casting Burst, attacking non-stop to ramp up damage. Then she needs to be on the field every 4 seconds to cast Elemental Burst on time, to not lose its charges. Then she needs to switch to Diona every 15 seconds to use Diona’s Elemental Skill. It’s one of the most awkward rotations, and gives the player a lot of hassle, if you add heavy hitting enemies you need to dodge. Or when there’s an Energy recharge debuff on players at Abyss.

Eula needs to always hit enemies with a big HP pool with her Burst to be really useful. In the case of many small enemies with low HP who spawn on waves, her Burst will go totally to waste, and you are stuck with low damage normal attacks for the next wave. On top of that, her attack speed without her signature weapon is not enough to charge even half of 30 stacks on Lightfall Sword. Her kind of rotation makes it much harder to buff her attacks or debuff enemies in time for her Burst.

In conclusion, Eula has the damage numbers of a SSS Rank, but has more of the consistency and accessibility issues of an A Rank character. So it averages to an (SS) Rank.


You can get Eula from the current up-rate banner running through May and to early June, 2024. She’s a five-star character, so you should think carefully before pulling her. If you are after the Meta, she doesn’t have the same consistent damage as Ganyu‘s reverse Melt, nor Diluc and Hu Tao‘s reverse Vaporize teams. As for Cryo application, all 4 star Cryo characters are better than her. In comparison to physical Carries, she has the highest numbers, but Zhongli doesn’t fall so much behind. So he’s a better pull for the consistency and easy builds.

In terms of gear, she really needs a full four-piece Pale Flame set, which is harder to farm. The day one tests shows she needs her weapon to reach the maximum potential. So she’s less accessible than better DPS characters, which is not a bad thing, because it makes sure she doesn’t ruin the overall balance of the game with her sheer damage numbers.

Ideal Eula Physical Team

I’d recommend treating Eula just like Xiao, or Noelle, and give her two more energy batteries (characters that can feed her energy). In Eula’s case, she needs two Cryo units, and she goes well with Diona and either Rosaria or Kaeya. That leaves one last spot for an Electro element, and you need to go with Fischl.

You can’t freeze with this team, so you can’t utilize shatter from Eula. But as her sole important skill is Elemental Burst, you’d prioritize Energy batteries over extra bonus damage.

Other builds that have potential are two Electro units, to make use of Energy particles generated by Electro Resonance. The issue here is, both Beidou and Lisa have 80 Energy cost, and this team can’t guarantee their Burst to fill in time. But you can run The Exile Set to help a bit.

Finally, if you care about pure damage, and don’t mind investing so heavily in artifacts to get the best Energy recharge, there’s a combo for you. With Eula, C4 Xinyan, Bennett, and an Electro character. You need very high ER from sub stats, to reach around 140%, but it would allow you to utilize the best support characters.

Zhongli (SS Rank)

There’s a reason why characters with Polearms are good physical DPS. It actually comes from the free-to-play, craftable Polearm, Crescent Pike. The magic of this weapon is that it deals additional physical attack, with every hit a character deals with Normal Attacks. So it increases the damage output by a lot, and has so many chances to do Crit hits even with moderate to low Crit Rate. Polearms attack rather quickly, and some of Zhongli‘s attacks have multiple hits. Each of these hits will cause an additional hit from the Crescent Pike, that scales on physical damage modifiers and enemy reduced resistance. Zhongli’s Ascension passive enables his normal attack to get bonus damage, scaled by HP. So you can just build Zhongli for DPS without sacrificing all of his shield power, but just a portion of it.

Zhongli is the best user for Crescent Pike, hands down. He has five-star character stats, and has good modifiers, as well as scaling with both Attack and HP. So he can be very strong, if built for pure physical DPS. He also has a strong shield, so he’s less worried about dodging as other characters are, and he relies on normal attack, not charged attacks, so he consumes less stamina. Zhongli reduces enemy physical resistance, so even if you don’t build a team with Superconduct, he’s still very effective, and truly he’s one of the best physical characters. The only downside of building Zhongli as a physical DPS, is you will miss out on the chance to build the strongest shield in the entire game. This could protect even better DPS Carries like Hu Tao. You see, Zhongli is a (SS) Rank because of extreme accessibility and cheap to build physical damage, but he still has lower raw DPS than all Melt and Vaporize Carries.

MiHoYo has been introducing bosses, challenges, and events that’s all encouraging shield META, and Zhongli is the best shield available. So it’s a tough choice to give up the meaty shield for Zhongli‘s DPS. However, the META is ever-changing in Genshin Impact, so it’s not a solid requirement. He’s just a great asset, to play comfortably and safely. But if you prefer him as a DPS, totally go for it.


As we stated in our Geo Tier list, Zhongli has had his own up-rate banner which showed up twice so far, so many people will most likely have him already. Focusing on the HP stat, Zhongli is one of the easiest characters to build. This is down to HP having a higher chance to appear as a main and sub-stat on Artifacts, and also there’s no competition for it from other damage dealers. The best weapon for his physical build is craftable, and it beats all five stars in terms of normal attack damage. So you don’t have to gamble in gacha for the best performance.

In terms of artifacts, you need to farm physical artifacts, because artifacts with a bonus to normal attack don’t work on the Crescent Pike‘s additional hits. A hybrid build between Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry, or full Pale Flame works best on him.

Ideal Zhongli Physical Team

Zhongli is a Geo element, so if you need a Superconduct team, you have to get one Electro and one Cryo character for only this reaction. The good news is Physical Zhongli doesn’t care about his Elemental Burst when compared to other characters. The long cast animation, that wouldn’t do better DPS than normal attacks, but it adds long Crowd Control. It’s not useless, but totally not required, so you might not care about a second Geo character for energy particles. Geo resonance is good however, so you choose between Geo Resonance or better supports such as Bennett for maximum damage. Electro support such as Fischl in this team can’t reach her maximum potential, because there are not many Electro reactions going. Your healer will be a Cryo character, so you can pick either Diona or Qiqi.

The alternative is a non-Superconduct team, with two Geo and two Pyro team members. Zhongli has a physical resistance shred on his own, and he can use C4 Xinyan as another way to shred more resistance. You also have room for Bennett, and get Pyro resonance on top of that. It has more synergy, and Xinyan benefits from an all physical debuff on enemies as well. The Geo spot can be taken by any Geo character, but the Geo Traveler is great for Resonance with Zhongli‘s pillar.

Razor (S Rank)

There are several physical characters or so that I’d rank (S), due to the similar power level they have. Razor is an Electro character with half of a Superconduct reaction. However Razor differs from all other physical Carries that he’s selfish, taking all the field time for himself. This wastes damage potential from teammates’ skills, so he prefers support characters with turret-like skills, that stay on the field for a longer period of time.

Razor‘s Elemental Burst lasts long, and adds consistent Electro damage to his normal attack. However, if you switch him out to use a Cryo skill to proc Superconduct, His elemental Burst ends. This leads to DPS loss, so you have to just live without Superconduct for most of the fight. The Key to Razor DPS is his attack speed, as he uses Claymore with big modifiers on normal attack, but attacks just as fast as a sword user. This gives Razor an edge over all other physical damage dealers, but still not enough to compete with any of (S+) top DPS from other elements.

Other perks for Razor, is that he enables Fischl to do full damage. Between Fischl‘s and Razor‘s Electro and Xingqiu‘s Hydro, you can proc Electrocharged reactions several times, on multiple enemies. So Fischl can proc her Ascension passive several times per second, dealing repeated damage. That compensates for long field time on Razor, and fixes his energy requirement. We have dedicated a full guide for Razor’s playstyle, gear, and team, so make sure to check it out.



Razor is one of the less popular four-star characters in terms of showing up as an up-rate character in limited banners. We have seen him twice, though he was paired with a good five-star such as Venti and Zhongli. Razor works fine at C0, but every Constellation adds a good amount of damage to his kit. So if you plan to main Razor, feel free to use your Primogems to get as many Constellations as possible, up to C6.

Building Artifacts for Razor is more flexible, as he can utilize several Sets, and different main stats on Artifacts. Especially towards the higher Constellations where he starts doing some serious Electro damage alongside his normal physical damage. You can opt for “% Attack” Goblet rather than one with Physical bonus.

In terms of weapons, Razor is off to a good start with a four star weapon. However, at endgame when five-star characters show their true potential, Razor would be better paired with a five-star weapon to keep up. That’s not limited to Razor but to all Physical carries, due to physical being a little weaker overall.

Ideal Razor Physical Team

Fischl, Razor, Xingqiu, and Diona are the standard team for dealing the best DPS. This is especially good if you use Diona‘s Elemental Burst last, before switching to Razor. Her Burst lasts for 12 seconds, and she can refresh Superconduct every two seconds. Superconduct also lasts for 12 seconds, so Razor would easily have it for the entirety of his Elemental Burst duration.

If you have Razor at C4 or higher, an alternative that doesn’t rely on Superconduct is using Barbara as a healer. She can use Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers for a quick attack buff that moves around with Razor instead, if the stage you play requires high mobility.

 Keqing (S Rank)

Keqing is an Electro character that can convert her Normal and Charged Attack damage into Electro. But she’s also capable of keeping her attack as physical damage, and spamming charged attack none stop. She’s one of the fastest attacking characters in the game, and she has good five-star stats. However, all sword users have the issue of knocking smaller enemies back with charged attacks, this means either fighting only larger enemies, or finding a workaround.

The popular workaround to knock back is freezing enemies in place, because sword doesn’t shatter frozen enemies, and they can stay frozen for a while. Building a permanent freeze team with Keqing is surprisingly easy. She’s Electro herself, which is half the requirement for Superconduct. Picking up one Cryo and one Hydro support is easy, and you end up with both Freeze and Superconduct, and still have one flexible spot left in the team.

The major issue with Keqing as a physical DPS build is losing her mobility, and consuming much stamina. But besides that, it’s a solid build.


Keqing is one of the few five-star characters that have both an up-rate banner, and a chance to drop from the Standard banner. That makes her the easiest five-star to get. Though such acceptability comes at the cost of a lower power ceiling. No matter how invested your Keqing is, she will never compare to your average Reverse Melt or Vaporize top teams. She doesn’t have a support role, so her uses are limited outside being a main carry.

Electro reactions are getting a buff in the upcoming 1.6 patch, but sadly that will not help Superconduct. So you can expect Keqing Electro builds to improve compared to physical builds. Overall, Keqing is not a recommended pull to waste guaranteed pity on. But if you get her as an off drop, she’s not a bad investment. She’s vulnerable to future power creep by other stronger Electro and Physical characters, but any physical artifacts you build for her, can be passed to another carry if you ever give up on Keqing.

Ideal Keqing Physical Team

For permanent freeze, it’s easier to put Keqing with two Cryo, and one Hydro support. Your healer will be Barbara, then you can fill the DPS with Cryo units like Rosaria and Kaeya. If you find your Keqing is too squishy, use Diona and Xingqiu instead. Or use one Cryo character and Zhongli. But in the case of Zhongli, make sure his pillar doesn’t hit frozen enemies as this will remove Freeze from them.

Fischl (S Rank)

Similar to all Electro characters, Fischl can also be built for physical DPS. She has one of the highest single-target potentials, with very good modifiers for her normal attack. Fischl is usually used as a DPS support because of her capabilities to deal damage, causing reactions, and generating energy over a long period of time and off field. So having her taking field time is not optimal, especially in groups. However, against bosses, Fischl plays like a machine gun and dishes out so much damage.

There’s a technique that involves animation canceling Fischl‘s attacks to rapidly repeat only first and second attacks from her combo. These are the attacks with the faster animations, and deal the most damage. Using it makes Fischl effectively a machine gun. I’ll not go into much detail here, because this build is strong, but Fischl will have even stronger builds, which I’ll cover in future Electro Tier lists.


A Fischl was granted to all players during the Unreconciled Stars event, at 1.1 version of the game. Besides that, she showed up in several up-rate banners, so most players easily have her or even several of her Constellations unlocked. She gives one of the best C6 in the game, and it’s always worth chasing. Actually, in most cases you better get a C6 Fischl rather than getting a new four-star character as this will be more beneficial.

The power behind C6 is the additional Electro attack from Oz to all team members while Oz is active. It not only deals more damage, but constant elemental reactions and energy regeneration as well.

Fischl scales well with all weapons, starting from craftable four stars, to gacha only five star bows. If you’re lucky, she’ll have access to one of the best weapons in the game, Skyward Harp. It works for both Physical and Electro builds, so it’s pretty much worth investing in. However, Rust is a very good four-star weapon for Fischl carry teams if you can’t get Skyward Harp. Physical Fischl can utilize the new Artifact Set “Pale Flame” to full potential, because her Oz hits many times, it’s easy to keep maximum stacks.

Ideal Fischl Physical Team

There’s plenty of flexibility here, Fischl needs only one Cryo in her team to proc Superconduct, then the other two party slots are open. You can emphasize Electro Resonance, or add other elemental reactions to the team.

An Overload combo with Xiangling is viable for a Fischl carry, even though Overload knocks enemies back. Fischl has the range, and staying on the field allows her to re-position Oz where needed. The focus here is on Fischl doing physical damage and applying Electro Aura, then using Xiangling‘s proc for overload for massive damage, in turn proccing Fischl‘s ascension passive in return.

Another choice is an Electrocharged combo with Fischl, Beidou, Xingqiu, and a Cryo healer like Diona. It’s very similar to the Razor build, but instead opting for range.

Xinyan (A Rank)

Xinyan is one of the very few dedicated physical DPS in Genshin Impact, and her entire setup is designed around a Physical burst playstyle. The Rock musician has the highest physical damage and Elemental burst in the game, but her normal attacks falls behind. On top of that, being a Pyro unit, her Superconduct party is restrictive, that have little room for other burst DPS characters. Both these factors brings her damage potential as a carry a little down, and her rank as well.

The redeeming quality of Xinyan is that she can cleanse most of Abyss debuffs, with Tier 3 shield. Also she can fit easily as Burst support that can meet Pyro resonance requirement. Her DPS potential peak sat C2, and her support shines at C4. So she’s not the best pick at lower Constellations.

That said, she’s one of the most fun to play to physical carries, and more resilient than most of them. (expect for Zhongli off course). But due to the fact that she relies so much Elemental Burst to deal damage, she’s affected by Abyss debuffs. Both cooldown increase and energy drain hurts her so much, and gives an advantage to other Carries.

But Abyss aside, she’s perfectly capable of doing all other content in the game. She can do the hardest weekly boss, Azhdaha and score highly in the energy amplifier event.


As a four-star character, Xinyan shows up several up-rate banners, including the Eula banner. This banner ends on 8th of June. You really need Constellations for Xinyan, as it’s not worth building her at C0. So beware of that, if you plan on pulling her.

Xinyan can’t utilize new “Pale Flame” Set to full potential, so she prefer a hybrid and mix of artifact sets. Hybrid builds are much easier and more accessible, as you pick only the best pieces from two different sets. She works quite well with craftable Snow-Tombed Starsilver, or battle pass Claymore, Serpent Spine. So with five-star weapon, she starts to compete with top physical carries.

Ideal Xinyan Physical Team

If you go the Superconduct route, then you need Xinyan, Bennett, then one Cryo and one Electro characters. Rosaria Cryo pick in this team, and you can debate whether Fischl or Beidou is more suited for the playstyle. We have dedicated full guide for Xinyan as main physical carry, so make sure to check it out.

Other version of Xinyan build can be done if she’s C4 or higher. Ditching Superconduct, you get 2 Pyro and 2 Geo party, with Zhongli as support. It’s the same as Zhongli physical carry build, but here you build Xinyan as carry, and Zhongli as shield battery instead.

Jean (A Rank)

Jean can be a good physical DPS Carry, if you build her this way. She doesn’t lose much healing, and she scales her healing by the Attack stat anyway. She’s the second-best healer in the game after Bennett though, and in Abyss you might want her on your second team as a healer more than a DPS. However, Jean has proven several times she’s a capable Carry, and could clear floor 12 of Spiral Abyss. Jean‘s generally better at Abyss than higher DPS characters, because she brings important utility to the team in form of cleansing the floor’s debuffs. And if we would make Abyss tier list, Jean definitively would get a higher rank.

She’s a sword user, but her Normal Attack values are good as well, so charged attack paystyle is not so deterministic as Keqing is. She can actually be good at stamina drain stages, because she relies on stamina a lot less. And if you place Anemo MC in her party, she only have time to do brief rotation before switching out. It’s like a hybrid physical damage and quick swap team, and Jean doesn’t take all field time for herself.

Jean doesn’t have resistance shred on her own, and she’s not either the Cryo or Electro needed for Superconduct, so I’m giving her (A) Rank, and placing just below C4 Xinyan, and above C0 zero Xinyan.


Jean is one of hardest Five Star characters to obtain, as she doesn’t have A Rate Up banner. You need to either get lucky pull from Standard banner, or fail the 50:50 chance on Limited banner to get her. Targeting Jean is impossible up to the date of this tier list release, so she’s not accessible. You either have her by chance, or you don’t.

All sword users can benefit from the free to play sword Prototype Rancour, so it’s a cheap entry for physical builds. However, it’s not as powerful as Crescent Pike for Polearm users, and there are Five Star swords that can beat its damage by a lot. Artifact wise, you can build Jean similar to any other physical DPS, with Hybrid Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry.

Ideal Jean Physical Team

Superconduct teams need one Cryo and one Electro team member, and you can use Lisa for shredding Def even further. Jean doesn’t need a healer, so you are free to place two Cryo DPS such as Rosaria and Kaeya for Cryo resonance. Or you can go with a permanent freeze setup with one Cryo and one Hydro such as Xingqiu.

You might want Anemo resonance for Anemo Elemental particles, and better Energy regeneration. But it’s hard to utilize a second Anemo for Amplifying reaction damage from supports. So you either ditch Superconduct and go with Anemo Resonance, and Pyro Resonance with C4 Xinyan and Xiangling. With a second Anemo user, use Viridescent Venerer to buff Pyro damage dealt by Xiangling off field, while Xinyan buffs herself and Jean’s physical damage. Or ignore amplifying reaction and focus on Jean herself, with a party of Anemo MC, Fischl, and Rosaria.

Another build can go for Geo Resonance instead with Zhongli and another Geo Support. But again, Zhongli himself would be a better physical damage dealer than Jean, and Jean would be better as Anemo burst support.

Rosaria (A Rank)

Rosaria is surprisingly a decent physical carry, with her Cryo affinity, she can have as much Superconduct as she needs. She’s also a Polearm user, so she doesn’t shatter, and can play as a physical DPS in a permanent freeze team, with Normal and charged attacks. Rosaria prefers a Crescent Pike, as do all other physical Polearm carries.

The strong aspect of physical DPS on a Cryo character, is the access to the potent Crit Rate with Blizzard Strayer. That added on top of Rosaria passive, she can reach 75% Crit Rate without any boost from weapon or Artifacts. Then she can dedicate all her stats for Crit damage and gain huge boost. The only reason why this build is not so popular, is the fact that Rosaria is very good with Cryo builds, especially reverse melt builds.

Unlike all hyper carries who have onlt one role, Rosaria has many builds. So investing in her is worth it, even if she gets power crept for one role in the future. Since Kaeya can fulfill most roles along with Rosaria, she’s more flexible to build the way you like. You can also have several teams relying on Cryo without a worry.


Rosaria is a fairly new character and has shown up only once in a limited banner so far, and she surely will come back again in the future. She works fine without any Constellations, but if you get them she’s even stronger. Especially C1 for physical damage increase, and C2 for longer freeze duration and more Cryo DPS. And finally, C6 seals the deal with reducing enemy Physical Resistance.

A physical polearm weapon is the easiest to get, being craftable without the need of any Gacha to be involved. Then you can use any of the physical artifact sets. Or go with Blizzard Strayer, Gladiator’s Finale, or any mix between them. So Rosaria’s physical build is also much cheaper to gear up and get into the action.

Ideal Rosaria Physical Team

You need one Electro for Superconduct, especially Lisa for reducing enemy Def. Then a second Cryo character, preferably Kaeya, and finally Barbara for healing, Hydro application, and Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers buff.

If you are up against enemies that can’t be frozen however, you better off with Zhongli support and/or Geo resonance.

Xiangling (B Rank)

One thing to say about Xiangling physical builds, is she’s not that good. This verdict can be controversial, considering how Xiangling was the first character able to use Crescent Pike. It was she who discovered the power of this Polearm, and she was a solid choice for quite some time. But power creep is real, and she’s out of the competition now, as both new characters, Zhongli and Xinyan outclass her.

The thing about Xiangling‘s kit is, it has no synergy with physical damage. She shreds enemy Pyro resistance, not physical, and all her Constellations buff her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, with both as pure Pyro. She’s also very good at applying Pyro constantly, so she works much better as an enabler for Reverse Melt teams. On top of that, she goes full Pyro DPS with Reverse Vaporize Childe teams. Or sometimes even enables normal Vaporize with Mona. In all three cases, physical DPS is irrelevant, and a waste of time. Not to mention the Overload team with Keqing, or Fischl, which is also better than physical. Finally, Xiangling‘s Ascension stat is Elemental Mastery, which has zero use in Physical builds.

Crescent Pike by itself is good already, but it has a lower ceiling on four-star characters, with lower stats and modifiers. A standard Claymore build with Xinyan is simply better. The reason that Zhongli is so good with Crescent Pike is that he scales damage in several ways, including his HP. Also, shredding enemies resistances, on top of Superconduct and on top of Geo resonance which is stronger than Pyro resonance.


That’s where Xiangling beats other characters, she’s always a guaranteed reward for clearing Abyss floor 3. So every player, old or new, can have Xiangling. Then she’s available throughout many banners, so getting her to C6 is really easy. Even though, none of her Constellations benefit from physical damage.

If you build her, she can utilize the new Pale Flame set. However, I still recommend focusing on Attack stat for Xiangling, to buff both Pyro and Physical DPS.

Ideal Xiangling Physical Team

Another problem with Xiangling physical team is applying so much pyro. If you put an Electro character for Superconduct, she will proc Overload many times, and knock enemies far away. Then you can’t hit them because Xiangling is melee, and have short reach. All of Electro supports available in the game (Lisa, Fischl or Beidou) leaves a turret that applies Electro repeatedly, so there’s no escape from overload. Then if you go for other Electro like Keqing, or Razor, you find them a better physical carry than Xiangling.

Even with Zhongli, he’s much better physical DPS himself, and uses exactly the same weapon physical Xiangling would use. I seriously would not recommend building her as a physical carry outside of early game.

Beidou (B Rank)

Beidou as a physical build is a lesser version of Razor, with less synergy with physical playstyle. The only redeeming quality is her Electro affinity, to make Superconduct easier to proc. It’s a fun little build, but Beidou have stronger builds out there. Physical is just so much hassle for her, without sufficient reward.

Kaeya (B Rank)

Kaeya physical output is probably higher than (B) rank characters, but there’s little to no reason to build Kaeya for physical damage. He require charged attack spam, which knock back enemies, unless they are frozen. It’s the same as Keqing, but with lower damage. He also gets Energy recharge on Ascension, while Keqing gets Crit. She also has 100 more base attack, that Kaeya can’t compensate, even with his higher modifiers.

By comparison with Keqing aside, Kaeya already is one of the best Cryo DPS. Especially in a permanent freeze team with Chongyun, and Reverse Melt with Xiangling. He’s not as good physical DPS as Rosaria with the Crescent Pike, and he relies solely on Charged Attacks to deal with physical DPS. So all in all he falls just below the recommended bar.

You’ve reached the end of our Genshin Impact Geo Tier List, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you’ve stayed this long, you might be interested in our Genshin Impact Guides. Be sure to check out even more info on our Genshin Impact Wiki. You can also keep an eye out for more Tier lists for Genshin Impact 1.5, as we will be releasing them regularly. Before you go, be sure to check out our Genshin Impact Character Tier List: Swirl (Anemo) and Genshin Impact Character Tier List: Crystallize (Geo) for ranking of all characters in different damage archetypes.


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