Genshin Impact Lost Riches 2.0 — Special Treasure #2 and Day 3 guide

It’s the third day of Genshin Impact‘s Lost Riches 2.0 event in Inazuma. We’ll visit a couple of areas to find more Iron Coins, and it’s also possible to discover map clues that’ll point us to another puzzle. Here’s our Genshin Impact Lost Riches 2.0 guide to help you with the locations for Day 3 and Special Treasure #2.

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Genshin Impact: Lost Riches 2.0 guide – Day 3 locations and Special Treasure #2

Jinren Island and Kujou Encampment

The two areas for Day 3 of Genshin Impact‘s Lost Riches event are Jinren Island and Kujou Encampment. In Jinren Island, most of the dig spots I saw were along the shoreline, including the southeastern corner where the Thunder Bough/Electrograna and portal are.

Gen Pct Lsr Inz Ev Gd D3 1

After finding 60 Iron Coins, the next location will get unlocked. It’s time to head to Kujou Encampment. Again, almost all the dig sites are along the coast (some are even at the border of the marked area close to the Thunder Sakura).

I actually didn’t find a single dig site on the hilltop or near the actual encampment. But, there was one exception. If ever you feel as though you’ve searched the entire place but couldn’t find the last set of Iron Coins, check out if you’ve solved the Relay Stone puzzle. There are two Relay Stones here that you can pick up and place close to the immovable ones. If you can connect all four with a single beam, the gate to the cavern below will open. You might come across a dig site here too.

Gen Pct Lsr Inz Ev Gd D3 2

More than likely, you’d have found new Special Treasure map clues already. Now, the image and hint you’d see might be different for each player, but Special Treasure #2 is actually found in Fort Mumei all the way to the west of Yashiori Island. I noticed this because the image I got, even if some parts were missing, depicted ruins along the sea. Fort Mumei was the only destination in Genshin Impact‘s Inazuma region that had this unique feature.

Note: To be clear, sections of Fort Mumei are submerged by default. I think you’ll only be able to explore this particular spot after completing the Orobashi’s Legacy questline (it’s also where you’d acquire the Kitain Cross Spear).

Genshin Impact Lost Riches 2.0 Inazuma Day 3 Special Treasure #2 Location Puzzle Map Clue 1

Anyway, once you’ve reached the edge (near the Thunder Bough plant), activate the Treasure-Seeking Seelie. It’ll reveal the floor plate puzzle.

You can see the image below for the Special Treasure #2 puzzle/hint that I got for Day 3 of Genshin Impact‘s Lost Riches event:

Genshin Impact Lost Riches 2.0 Inazuma Day 3 Special Treasure #2 Location Puzzle Map Clue 2

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