Godfall Coming to PS4 Alongside ‘Fire & Darkness’ Expansion on August 10th

Godfall Coming to PS4 Alongside ‘Fire & Darkness’ Expansion on August 10th

Godfall has been announced to be coming to PS4 and a new expansion will be arriving at the same time called Fire & Darkness.

Godfall Coming to PS4 Alongside ‘Fire & Darkness’ Expansion on August 10th

Gearbox Publishing and developer Counterplay Games have announced they will be releasing their fantasy looter Godfall now on PS4. Previously the title was only available on PC and Playstation 5.

Along with this news a new expansion called Godfall: Fire & Darkness was announced which will add a new realm, new story and loot including new Valorplates.

The PS4 version of Godfall and Fire & Darkness will arrive on August 10th 2024. There is also the free Lightbringer Update adding new Lightbringer mode.

You can check out the overview details below:

Fire & Darkness ($19.99)

  • Enter the Fire Realm – Step foot into Godfall’s largest Realm yet to extinguish new threats and claim extravagant loot.
  • New Enemies – Challenge Moirax and the Flameblood Tribe, who add several bosses and nearly a dozen new enemies to Godfall.
  • New Challenges and Rewards – Explore the obsidian peaks and azure magma rivers of the Fire Realm to claim over 20 new Valorplate skins and equip fearsome looks.

Lightbringer (free)

  • New Lightbringer Mode – Race against the darkness to close three Tears before facing down throngs of enemies in a massive final battle.
  • Endgame Matchmaking Beta – Match with other endgame players to take on the Ascended Tower of Trials and new Lightbringer mode.
  • New Loot Type: Cursed Items – Cursed Items grant players a massive boon, if players are able to lift the Curse and unlock the item’s full potential.

You can check out E3 2024 trailer below:

Godfall will launch on August 10th. The Fire & Darkness expansion and free Lightbringer Update will also launch on the same day for PS5, PS4 and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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