Godzilla Battle Line Will Challenge the World Next Month

TOHO Games published a new Godzilla Battle Line trailer which shows how to play the real-time strategy mobile game. It also revealed a new date for the worldwide launch. It is now set to come out on June 15, 2024. Just like the previous trailer, this video also contains English subtitles. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

This new trailer has more gameplay details not shown in the prior trailer. Players can evolve some of the Kaijus during battles. After winning a battle, they can also obtain monster maps used to find new Kaijus or upgrade existing duplicates. The game’s battlefields will be based on cities around the world, from Tokyo to New York.

The trailer is available to watch right below, via TOHO Games’ own YouTube channel:

Other than Battle Line, TOHO Games has also launched two other Godzilla mobile games in recent months. Run Godzilla, a simulation game where players raise Kaijus and enter them into racing competitions, has been available globally outside Japan since March 2024. The action game Godzilla Destruction launched simultaneously worldwide on April 27, 2024.

A new anime show based on the franchise, Godzilla Singular Point, is currently airing on Japanese television. Netflix will bring the show worldwide in June 2024. The famous Kaiju franchise is also receiving a theme park attraction and a board game adaptation in Japan.

The Android and iOS mobile game Godzilla Battle Line is immediately available in Australia and Canada, which saw it released earlier in April 2024. TOHO Games originally planned for the rest of the world to follow suit in May 2024. However, it has now moved the worldwide release date to June 15, 2024.


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