Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party eShop Shuffle Caused by Song Lyrics

Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party experienced a temporarily eShop removal as a result of some of its DLC. Taito reported some of the song lyrics in an add-on resulted in both the game and all of its DLC to be briefly removed outside Japan. The game is now back in the North American and European eShop.

As a result of the Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party song lyrics’ eshop shuffle, the ESRB rating for the game changed. It is now rated Mature, due to the “strong language.” Taito did note that it is going to try to get the Everyone 10+ rating restored.

As for the culprit, Taito didn’t explain which Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party DLC song got the game temporarily delisted. However, at the end of April 2024, Hit Song + VTuber Pack 2 launched. This add-on included hololive Vtuber Calliope Mori’s “Excuse My Rudeness, But Could You Please RIP?” That song contained strong language and imagery.

Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party is available for the Nintendo Switch.


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