Here’s How Baptiste and Sombra Look in Overwatch 2

As part of the June 10, 2023 Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live, people got a peek at Baptiste and Sombra in Overwatch 2. A brief clip looked at the costumes each of the two characters will wear in the upcoming game.

Here’s the teaser video. In each case, we can them standing still, performing some actions, and using some emotes.



As a refresher, here is how Baptiste looks in Overwatch.


And here is how Sombra looks in Overwatch.


You can see the Overwatch 2 version of Sombra as the header here, and here’s a better close up of Baptiste.

overwatch 2 baptiste sombra

Overwatch 2 is in development, though all of its exact platforms haven’t been confirmed yet. It won’t launch in 2023.


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