Horizon Forbidden West video features 14 minutes of gameplay footage

Today during Sony’s latest State of Play, Guerrilla Games shows off 14 minutes of Horizon Forbidden West gameplay.

In the Horizon Forbidden West video, you get to see some combat, swimming, climbing, weapons, machines, and more.

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The video finds Aloy searching for a missing scout, Erend. While on her search, she sees raiders riding machines. Then, she is found out by some of these machines and they start pursuing her.

In order to escape, she climbs up pillars part of the ruins of old San Fransico, but the machines chasing her won’t relent. As you will see, her only way of escape is diving into the water.

She finds the scout has been taken prisoner by the raiders, and eventually comes across the scout’s camp. Here Aloy confronts raiders who have invaded the camp and takes them out.

Aloy then heads to a bridge where she heard they were taking the scout.  As she tracks the raiders, she hacks one of the machines and rides it to the raider’s position to recuse Erend.

A fight ensues, and the raiders and their machines are bested.

As you will see in the video, a few of the weapons Aloy can use are shown. There’s plenty more though such as a slingshot with grenades, a launcher that fires explosive spikes, smoke bombs, and other weapons which can be upgraded using a workbench.

In the game, the map stretches from Utah in the US all the way to the pacific ocean on the west coast. The map this time out is a bit bigger, and there will be dozens of new machines to encounter.

You will also come into contact with new tribes, some of which are peaceful. But some aren’t, like the raiders you see in the video who have discovered knowledge on how to override the machines in order to use them as beasts of war.

But it’s not only machines and tribes Aloy has to contend with, as there is a red blight affecting the land which is choking the plants, animals, and starving the tribes. There are also supercell storms flooding the prairies.

Horizon Forbidden West is said to be on track for release sometime this year.






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