In city builder Patron, my biggest import is snow and my biggest export is dead peasants

There are city builders, and there are survival city builders. The difference is, when you don’t take care of your citizens in city builders they’ll move out of your city. If you don’t take care of your citizens in survival city builders they will die horrible agonizing deaths, their children weeping, their bellies empty, their frozen bodies left twisted on the ground where they fall.

It’s a big difference! Patron is a city builder and colony sim, and as you’ve no doubt guessed, it falls into the survival category. I’d compare it to Banished but I never played Banished, but lots of people are comparing Patron to Banished, so I’ll go ahead and say: It’s probably like Banished. Beginning with a small handful of peasants, you build houses and roads and various production buildings, gather and manage resources, and try to expand your tiny town into a thriving city.

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