Knockout City is Still Free to Play up to Street Rank 25

knockout city

The free trial period for Electronic Arts’ Knockout City has ended but new players can still play for free. The catch is that they can only level up to Street Rank 25 before having to purchase the full game. If you’re trying to get any friends into the game or learning the ropes before making a purchase, this offers a fairly decent amount of playtime.

Knockout City is developed by Velan Studios and has already amassed two million players thus far. It’s essentially futuristic Dodge Ball with its fake-outs and knocking the opposing team out with balls. The addition of Ultimate Throws, tackles, different ball types and more give it a lot more spice though.

You can check out our review here for more details. Knockout City is available for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC with cross-platform play supported between them. More content in the form of new maps, modes and cosmetics is set to arrive post-launch so stay tuned for more updates.

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