Last Days of Play Challenge Finished, Unlocking Free PS4 Dynamic Theme

Days of Play Reward

Sony’s annual Days of Play promotion for 2024 comes to an end across the next 24 hours, with the PlayStation Store sale wrapping things up and community challenges now at an end. It’s a good job then that participants managed to complete the final set of tasks just in time, unlocking a free PS4 dynamic theme. Sorry PS5 owners, but we once again can’t use this one.

The theme in question flips between artwork centred around Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Forbidden West, and God of War. It will be delivered to your PSN messages in the coming days, so be sure to look out for it and kit your home screen out in some excellent PS4 exclusives. Most of them simply use the key art associated with the title in question, but Kratos and Atreus utilise a lovely piece of custom imagery. Check it out above.

Will you be using this new PS4 theme on your last-gen console? Let us know in the comments below.

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