Legion of the Dead Is a Standalone Zombies Game Mode Available on PC Now


Ubisoft dropped a new title update for Watch Dogs Legion today, and there was a surprise packed in with it as well. Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is a brand new game mode that’s free for all game owners, and is now available in its alpha phase on PC now.

As the name suggests, this is a zombies-style game mode where players can team up with each other, loot London for supplies while avoiding Albion soldiers, Clan Kelley members, as well as the undead and then extract safely.

Here’s a quick rundown of the game mode:

“Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead can be accessed via Ubisoft Connect and is a separate game mode from Watch Dogs: Legion. In a London filled with zombies, Albion soldiers and Clan Kelley enforcers are hoarding valuable supplies that you must get your hands on to ensure the survival of your crew. No matter if you are going in solo, with friends or up to 3 other players via public matchmaking, you will have to be smart with your resources, your tactics and plan ahead to gather supplies, find power-ups and extract from London alive.

Every supply run starts off with a random Survivor and Gadget. Scout the map for precious supplies, power-ups and plan a route to avoid the deadly zombie hordes.”


Watch Dogs Legion is now available on PC and consoles, and Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead is currently only available on PC in its alpha state, and will be coming to consoles soon.


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