Lego Super Mario Adds Luigi Two-Player Mode

An image of Lego's Super Mario and Luigi toys balancing on a teeter-totter

Why does Lego Super Mario always get to be on top?
Photo: The Lego Group

When Lego Luigi officially joins the Lego Super Mario lineup on August 1, he’s bringing much more than his verdant sense of style and slightly smoother mustache. Combining the plumber brothers in Lego land unlocks the possibility of two-player brick-bounding action. Here’s how it works.

It turns out the electronics packed inside Lego Super Mario and Luigi are for more than counting coins and plastering LED-lit expressions on their faces. Put the two figures close together and push the buttons on their backs and they pair, becoming as inseparable as they are in…real-life. Once joined at the Bluetooth, you and an optional friend can make the brothers “compete” in races across Lego Super Mario courses, seeing who can get from the green starting pipe to the flag goal the fastest. What that looks like depends on you and the person you are playing with. It could mean a jumping, coin-collecting, enemy-stomping romp through a Lego Mario world of your own creation while the electronic figures keep score. Or it could mean a knock-down, drag-out fight across the living room to wherever you left the flag piece.

It’s not just about competitive play, either. Lego Mario and Luigi can earn extra coins for synchronizing their actions. Perhaps they both attack a tough enemy at the same time. Or maybe, as suggested in Lego’s official video here, synchronized dancing is involved.

Weird, Lego, but okay.

What do you need to play two-player Lego Super Mario?

To play with both bros you’ll need both the original Lego Super Mario starter kit and the new Adventures With Luigi Starter Course, both of which cost $60, so it’s a good thing Lego spaced these releases out. Right now buying both sets is the only way to get the two electronic figures. Fortunately, those two sets are all you need.

A photo of Lego Mario toys, including the new Bowser's Airship playset

His majesty’s secret airship.
Photo: The Lego Group

Additional sets are available, including the upcoming $100 Bowser’s Airship that recently leaked through an Amazon listing. There are $10 power-up packs which give Luigi and Mario special abilities and new costumes, like Frog and Bee. There’s also a new set of character packs launching on August 1, little $5 blind bags featuring critters like Galoomba, Parachute

Bob-omb, Crowber, and Boo. But all of those are extra bits. All you need is Mario, Luigi, a nice stretch of spare time, and a friend, unless you prefer to dual-wield your plumbers.



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