Mario Golf: Super Rush Treehouse deep-dive shows Golf Adventure, Boss Battles, Speed Golf and more

Mario Golf: Super Rush releases in just over a week and the Nintendo Treehouse team have shown us a few tricks of the trade by taking the latest game in the series for a spin during the last day of E3. Over the course of the segment, we caught a glimpse of several modes including Standard Golf with local co-op, the single story mode Golf Adventure, and multiplayer madness in Speed Golf.

As the name implies, Standard Golf enables players to go head-to-head in regular matches across various terrains. Here, you’ll be able to take your time to line up your shot with your chosen club, assess the wind direction, take into account weather ailments (including lightning strikes) and understand how much power and spin you’ll require to hit a nice shot. Helpful hints and tips are also littered throughout this area, with arrow indicators on flags to show you whether the flagpole is uphill or downhill, distance lines and indicators to show how far your ball has travelled versus its run-off. Special shots can also be used too, where they differ for each character. For example, Mario’s will arc and then land, while Pauline’s is a much lower arc and enables her to pass by trees and obstacles easily.

But if you want to really test your mettle, Speed Golf in local (offline) multiplayer is where you’ll need to go next. Here, players must race to the flagpole while making their shots in record time. By using your stamina gauge, you can perform special dashes to push ahead of the other players. But all good things do come to an end, so players will need to make sure they continue running to build up this momentum once again. Of course, motion controls are optional here but do offer a unique spin on the gameplay.

In Golf Adventure, you’ll play through a unique story as part of the game’s single player mode. Starting in Bonny Greens, the birthplace of Mario Golf, you’ll play as your Mii character where you can interact with several characters in the franchise, play through practice session and buy cool equipment and attire. During the Treehouse stream, we got a quick view of a boss called the Sacred Flamebeast. Here, players will need to tactically avoid enemy attacks while striking the perfect shot from within the golden circles.

Fortunately, if you’re itching to putt a birdie, you won’t have to wait long when Mario Golf: Super Rush releases on 25th June.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

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