Metroid Dread trailer tells you everything you need to know

For people unfamiliar with Metroid games, this new Metroid Dread trailer provides a nice overview of the game and the series in general, while also showing off some of the action.

Taking place on the planet ZDR, Samus will explore enemy-filled labyrinths in the underbelly of the planet, which features distinct areas such as caves, magma chambers, ancient forests, and underwater environments.

Enemies in the game are dangerous robots called E.M.M.I.and they will track down and attempt to capture Samus. These research robots have bodies covered with tough armor that regular attacks cannot penetrate.

Luckily, Samus has her powerful Arm Cannon, missiles, her jumping abilities, a new slide move, and a Melee Counter, which she can use to deal with said enemies. Like most games in the Metroid series, the more she explores, the more abilities she will gain.

Some of those abilities include the Spider Magnet, which lets Samus cling to certain walls and ceilings. There’s also the Morph Ball, which allows her to morph into a ball and enter narrow passages. Flash Shift, is a brand-new ability that instantly moves Samus forward and backward a short distance, and she can also use Storm Missile, a new weapon that locks onto multiple targets.

If you are a fan of Metroid games, or new to the franchise, you should really give the video a watch for a complete breakdown.

Metroid Dread releases October 8 for Nintendo Switch.

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