New Dying Light 2 Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Both Fast-Paced Parkour and Intense Stealth Sections


I’ll be honest, I didn’t play Dying Light 1, but we at Twinfinite had plenty of people who did and loved it though. I think I was zombied out back then and overlooked it. But the more I see of Dying Light 2, the more I want to make sure I don’t repeat that mistake. Why did no one just tell me it was Mirror’s Edge with zombies back in 2015?

The latest gameplay trailer released today shows off two distinct styles of play that will be prevalent throughout the game: intense parkour action where you’re making quick movement decisions and nerve-wracking stealth sections as you infiltrate infected areas.

The gameplay trailer takes place during the day. When the sun is out, the infected retreat back into the cover of darkness, making it slightly safer to get around. However, if you need to go somewhere indoors you’re going to have a bad time because that’s where the infected take their power naps before roaming the streets at night.

The characters quickly scale their way into a building, seemingly carefree and confident, but once they reach the interior the script flips. Slow and deliberate movement is required to not startle the sleeping beauties and stay alive. Of course, things go to hell and there’s an escape sequence because it’s a video game and all, but it was nice while it lasted I suppose.

Check out the action for yourself below.

We’ve also seen action that takes place at night, which while still very dangerous, as the nastiest of the nasty come out then, interior areas are less populated and give players a chance to find useful stuff that would otherwise be too dangerous to get to.

Dying Light 2 is due out on Dec. 7 for Xbox, PlayStation and PC.


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