New PV Shows Duel System in Yu-Gi-Oh Rush Duel Saikyou Battle Royale

V Jump has released a promotional video for the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh Rush Duel: Saikyou Battle Royale!! Nintendo Switch game. It features comedian Yoshio Kojima, who is famous for appearing only in a small bathing suit. He even says his well-known catchphrase, “Sonna no kankei nee” (that has nothing to do with it). The video introduces the game’s duel system, the rush duel mechanic, and the story mode.

The game is based on the current Yu-Gi-Oh SEVENS anime series and takes place in Goha City. In Yu-Gi-Oh Rush Duel: Saikyou Battle Royale!! the player can interact with characters from the show, such as Yuga and Gakuto. Voice actors from the show also reprise their roles for the game. Players of past Yu-Gi-Oh titles such as the Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force series may recognize the familiar layout of the duel system in game.

You can view the promotional video here:

A difference between the rush duel mechanic and the more old-school rules is that players can normal summon or set as many monsters as they want so long as they are under level 4. Monsters over level 5 still require tribute summoning. During the draw phase, players can draw until they have five cards in their hands. If they already have five, then they draw one card as per usual.

Yu-Gi-Oh Rush Duel Saikyou Battle Royale!! will release on August 12, 2024 in Japan on the Nintendo Switch. Those who pre-order the game will receive bonus Amiibo cards. Konami has not announced if the game will appear worldwide.


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