New The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Trailer Shows Off New Game Features

Let us engage in the art of deduction, shall we? Capcom’s E3 2024 showcase kicked off with an extensive new look at the upcoming Great Ace Attorney Chronicles collection, showing off new features, more about the characters, and the ever-present power of OBJECTION!

The newest adventure arrives on July 27, 2024, and we’ve got a hearty first look at what is in store. For those that may need a little catching up, Chronicles is a collection of the previous Great Ace Attorney titles that were limited to just a Japan release. This includes The Great Ace Attorney Adventures, which launched in 2015, and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve. Between these two games, we’ve got ten cases to work through and eight escapades to enjoy

Ryunosuke Naruhodo is the ancestor to the famous Phoenix Wright and he’s the one that players will be getting comfortable with in this collection. Set within the Victorian London era, the upcoming Ace journey will introduce players to new characters and challenge them to confront new cases. The gameplay focuses on the investigation and courtroom antics that we know and love, but the new trailer also gave us a closer look at the newer features that are specific to this entry. First, we’ve got the Dance of Deduction, a feature that challenges Herlock Sholmes and Ryunosuke to use abductive reasoning to solve the case. Logic is key here, as one might expect, but sometimes? Sometimes the conclusions made are not only wrong but also just hilariously bad. 

Interested in what else Capcom had to share? Check out their full showcase below. Spoiler: it’s not much.

The next part that played a big role in Capcom’s showcase is the Summation Examination. With Summation, jurors have to explain why they’ve issued a guilty verdict. The defense attorney, then, needs to try to nudge out some new information in order to bolster their own stance. Can you change the jury’s mind and sway them to your side? It takes skill, but something tells me that Ace Attorney fans have this covered. 

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles arrives on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on July 27, 2024. 

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