Now that E3 is over, what are you playing?

As the hype tornado of E3 dies down, has it inspired you to play something? Maybe one of the games that had a sequel shown off, like Stalker, The Outer Worlds, or Psychonauts—whether you’re experiencing it for the first time or getting up to speed in time for the follow-up? (There are four Forza Horizon games to work through if you want to understand the lore of Forza Horizon 5.) Has seeing Gloomwood made you want to play Thief: The Dark Project, have you got stuck into the demo for Sable, or are you playing something that was surprise released during the annual videogame marketing blitz, like Minute of Islands or Dark Deity?

Plenty of us have gone back to the comfortable old favorites we were playing before all this nonsense, of course.

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