Overwatch Adds Crossplay

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Where once Overwatch players were divided along the lines of both platform and whether or not they’d push the damn payload, now they can at least not push the payload together.

Today Blizzard announced that crossplay is coming to Overwatch. This comes alongside a Battle.net update that allows users to assemble global friends lists, meaning that now players across the world will be able to play together on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. In order to do so, they’ll just need to create Battle.net accounts and link them to their console accounts. A beta for the feature will begin “soon,” according to Blizzard.

In a video update, official Jeff Kaplan replacement Aaron Keller explained that crossplay will not include cross-progression. It is, however, something the Overwatch team will work on “in the future.” Competitive mode will also remain restricted to consoles or PC—not both in the same party. Each will have their own separate matchmaking pools. Also, if you’re flying solo, the game will also prioritize matchmaking you with other players on your platform of choice. However, if you’re in a party with console players and PC players, you’ll be placed into the PC matchmaking pool and will also encounter other groups with a mix of players.

If you don’t love that and you’re a console player, you can just disable crossplay. PC players, however, will not be able to disable the feature. Keller did not explain why.


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