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Updated on: June 11th – Added new Pet Master spins

Pet Master is a hit casual title from the house of Moon Active, who are also the makers of the massively popular, Coin Master. The game features Piggy’s best friend Racoon who you embark on a fun and exciting adventure with. The journey starts with building the Magical Pet Kingdoms before roaming around Ancient Egypt and beyond.

The game is focused on collecting spins, coins, cards and exclusive items while defending your pet villages from the attacks of the enemies. If you are familiar with Coin Master, then you will automatically be aware of the basics in Pet Master as well, as both the titles are incredibly similar.

What are Pet Master spins?

Just like the spins in Coin Master, Pet Master spins work in the same manner. With each spin, you can claim coins, valuable chests ranging from normal to the rarest. These rewards can be used for multiple purposes in-game. For example, you can build your upgrade your units, villages, buildings and so forth.

How to redeem the Pet Master’s free spins?

Moon Active releases Pet Master’s free spins in the form of links, and redeeming them might be a bit tricky. But worry not, we have made it easier for you with a few steps.

  • Click on one of our links for the spins.
  • After clicking the link, the game will open up.
  • If you have successfully claimed the spin link, then the screen will show you the rewards you will earn.

Below is a list of spins you can currently use in Pet Master:

10th June 2023

9th June 2023

8th June 2023

7th June 2023

Are there more ways to get free spins in Pet Master?

Yes, there are many ways that allow you to claim free spins. If you are wondering if your account might get banned for claiming these rewards, then worry not. These free spin links are provided by the developer themselves. However, if you try to use some hacks or any other illegal ways then you might end up losing your account and data associated with it.

In-game deals

By visiting Pet Master’s Treasure Island, you can get your hands on various free deals along with the paid options, if you are ready and willing to spend some money.

Spin Gifts

If you have a big list of in-game friends then you can earn a lot of free spins if they are generous enough to gift you some. To do that, all you have to do is request spins from your friends or if you received them, simply tap to claim it. Make sure you haven’t requested the same person earlier in the day as the gifts as they can only be sent once per day.

Invite friends to Pet Master

Just like Coin Master, this title also gives you free spins and other rewards if you invite a friend to the game. But keep in mind, you will only be able to claim it if they join by using your referral link. Through this method, you can collect more spins along with some other small rewards. 

Roll the dice – Mini-Game

Apart from the game itself, there is a section available where you can access a Mini-Game. This is similar to a small board game where you have to roll the dice. If you manage to land on the right spot, then you will nab yourself some nice rewards.

You get to roll 6 dices per round and every hour a new dice will be added for you to use. You can also add more dices to your inventory by clearing some specific missions and events that contain dice as their reward.

But, this mini-game does not guarantee spins as the reward since chests, coins and other items are included in the reward pool. Players who are lucky enough can get the free spins and the mini-game is fun to play as well, which is a nice bonus as you hunt for additional spins. 

Quick ways to get free spins in Pet Master

Additionally, if you are looking for Coin Master’s free spins, then we already have an article ready for you to peruse. And, we will do our best to keep this list up to date, as more codes pop up. So make sure you’re checking this page regularly.

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