Playing Wakfu For The First Time In 2024 (Top Down MMORPG)

Playing Wakfu For The First Time In 2024 (Top Down MMORPG)

Today I’m checking out Wakfu, a tactical turn based MMORPG. Go to to join the World of Twelve and use the following code: PAD6MK5UX9BUB396 to start your adventure with an exclusive +50% XP and loot bonus! To claim your rewards, register through the link and go to Be sure to check out our Force Gaming clan in game too!


Wakfu Game Features:

Turn-Based Combat
Tired of brainlessly running through the forest pressing 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 3, on every monster that jumps on you? Discover our turn-based tactical combat system, and develop a more creative strategy to defeat monsters that will keep challenging your tactical skills.

18 Classes
No standard knight, ranger, mage and cleric here. Discover our 18 classes, each with their unique set of skills and gameplay. From Foggernauts, the robot wreckers, to Xelors, masters of time, you’re sure to find the character that’s right for you.

Quests and Dungeons
Live exciting adventures, explore lots of unique dungeons, and complete hundreds of quests that will offer you to live a real adventure as a main protagonist. You’re here to save the world, after all!

Master the Ecosystem
Respawn is a lie. When you kill something, you’d better replant it, or you might accidently wipe out an entire species. Our unique ecosystem feature will give you complete control over mobs population.

Build Your Own World
While others offer you houses, we give you worlds! Haven Worlds! Join a guild and acquire your own little piece of the world, to build and develop just as you wish. Don’t worry, in the Haven Worlds there are houses too, and so much more!

Political Life
NPCs are so yesterday… Write your own destiny and join the political dance of your Nation. Become Governor or one of his ministers, and make decisions that will impact thousands of players. The choice is yours: decide if you’d rather be a democratic, peaceful leader, or a tyrannical conqueror!

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