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The future is indeed here, and PUBG MOBILE is at the forefront of the latest technological advancements with the all-new Mission Ignition Mode. The massive 1.5 update to the hit battle royale from Tencent lets players duke it out on a revamped Erangel, making the experience even more exhilarating with the formation of the Ignition Future League. What exactly is in store for players in this kill-or-be-killed race?

A race to survive

The Ignition Future League hypes up the Mission Ignition update with its bespoke point scoring system in the futuristic Erangel’s all-new urban area. From Saturday, July 31st, the kill race will highlight version 1.5’s new gameplay systems, ultra-sleek vehicles, weapon powerhouses, and the high-tech transportation network called HyperLines.

An introduction to the Erangel of the future

The six new urban areas include the Transit Center, Port of Georgopol, Tech Center, Security Center, Logistics Agency, and Energy Center. Accessible through the entrance to EvoGround, all these come from the aftermath of the tech giant DynaHex’s decision to use Erangel as an experimental base for their scientific research, transforming the landscape into an intense battleground of the future where anything can happen.

Awesome prizes await

As for the League itself, players can check out six creators that represent the six new areas within Erangel take on the challenge of the kill race. Players can cheer on their faves and even get the chance to win awesome prizes just by supporting their team (an iPhone 12 and six Airpod Pros included). The creators will have to visit new areas and even build a Tesla Model Y to rank up within the unique point scoring system.

The full Tesla experience

Speaking of building a Tesla, the PUBG MOBILE x Tesla collaboration also takes center stage here, as players can enjoy exclusive content from Tesla such as the thrill of the Tesla self-driving experience. Tesla has built four Gigafactories in Erangel, letting players activate the assembly lines so that they can produce Model Y.

Because self-driving cars come equipped with an autopilot mode, players will be able to activate them on the map and use them to travel to pre-set locations. As an added bonus, random Semi will spawn along the roads – damaging these can help players score battle supplies like Supply Crate drops in a pinch.

Eager to join in on all the futuristic action this weekend? Be sure to visit the bespoke microsite and download PUBG MOBILE on the App Store and on Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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