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After Playing for 3 Years of PUBG everyone is curious about PUBG Real Places. I don’t think there will be a single person that does not know about PUBG Game.

The Game Owner designed every single part of the PUBG Mobile Maps picked from all over the globe.

But most of the places in PUBG are picked from Russia, some abondoned cities and mountains.

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[Erangel Map] PUBG Real Places – InGame VS Ral-Life:

I think there is a story behind this Erangel Name. Brendan Greene’s daughter’s name is Era and he called her Angel. So the Combining both names we get Erangel and it’s in PUBG.

Let’s begin with Erangel Map and then see All other Map Places in Real-Life, I hope in the future these places may become Tourist Spots if PUBG continues to be the NO 1 game in the world.

1. Pochinki city in Real-Life:

Heading towards Pochinki city first, actually, Pochinki was a village in Belgium that was abandoned due to a nuclear test and nobody lives there now.

Real-Life Location: Deol Nuclear village Belgium

PUBG Mobile Real Places - Pochinki in Real-Life

2. PUBG School in Real-Life:

Now the second Most crowded place in PUBG and PUBG Mobile is the School.

The PUBG School in Real-Life is at Pripyat in the north of Ukrainian. This place was abandoned after the Nuclear Accident in 1986.

Real-Life Location: Pripyat swimming pool, Chernobyl.

PUBG Mobile Real Life School Swimming Pool

3. The Pochinki Church in Real-Life:

The Church in Phochinki and other Places in Erangel PUBG is in Russia this church is very old and now nobody used to go there. Check out the Real-Life Photo you will get my point.

Real-Life Location: Starry Kadom Russia.

The Pochinki Church in Real-Life

4. The PUBG Shelter Tunnels in Real-Life:

The PUBG Shelter is Maze like confusing Tunnels in Ukraine. They mostly used for storing Nuclear weapons for wartime. This place is not in use but we can see it on PUBG Mobile.

Real-Life Location: Abandoned nuclear storage, Fedosia – Ukraine.

The PUBG Shelter Tunnels in Real-Life

5. The Erangel Military Base in Real-Life:

The PUBG hotspot Military Base is added in Erangel inspired by the Powerful Radar Military Base in Duga, Russia. I think this base is not in use for the Military since 1989.

Those Tall Towers you see in the Military base are RADAR Antenna used to track Aircrafts.

Real-Life Location: Duga, Russia.

The Erangel Military Base in Real-Life

6. The Erangel Bridge in Real-Life:

Have you seen the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata? if not you must because the Bridge in Erangel PUBG Mobile is taken from that.

You can see the image below and check how similar they both look in Game and in Real-Life.

Real-Life Location: Howrah Bridge, Kolkata, India.

The Erangel Bridge in Real-Life

7. The PUBG Mylta Power in Real-Life:

The Mylta Power Plant in Erangel PUBG is inspired by an Abandoned Nuclear Plant. To know more about this tragedy you must read about the nuclear accident and the Chernobyl tragedy.

Next time when you visit this place you will remember the story behind this place.

Real-Life Location: Chernobyl nuclear power plant Ukrainian.

The PUBG Mylta Power in Real-Life

8. The Red Forest Near Mylta in Real-Life:

Have you ever tried a long run because you did not found any Vehicle from the Red Forest near Mylta Power? I did, it’s funny but freaking out.

This Red Forest is inspired by a Forest in Russia that surrounds Nuclear Plant and has Warning signs everywhere. This is the same Power Plant that you see in PUBG as Mylta Power.

Real-Life Location: Dry Red Forest in Chernobyl Ukrainian

The Red Forest Near Mylta in Real-Life

9. The Georgepool or Georgo in Real-Life:

There are two Container Sites in PUBG Mobile Erangel Map, Georgo and Novo. This Georgepool container site is a Container shipment site in Russia in Real-Life.

If in case you visit this place Real Life how will you react? Comment down below and let others know.

Real-Life Location: Port at Kaliningrad, Russia.

 The Georgepool Containers in Real-Life

10. The Georgepool Buildings in Real-Life:

We just find out the Georgo Container Real Life location, lets find out the Georgo Apartments Real Life Location.

Real-Life Location: Abandoned Town in Cleveland.

The Georgepool Buildings in Real-Life

11. The Novorepnoye or NOVO in Real-Life:

The Second Container Transport Ship docks in PUBG Mobile Erangle Map. Yes, I am talking about your Favorite Novo or Novorepnoye it is inspired by the real-life Novorossiysk port in Russia.

If you like this information please do share it with friend and surprise them with this.

Real-Life Location: Novorossiysk port situated in Russia.

The Novorepnoye or NOVO in Real-Life

12. The PUBG Erangel Ruins in Real-Life:

The most difficult way out and hard to survive in the Last circle, Ruins always made it hard for those at lower ground.

The Real-Life Location of PUBG Ruins is Abandoned mountain city of Dagestan Russia. 

Over time more and more people began to leave the village and about forty years ago Gamsutl became completely empty.

Real-Life Location: Abandoned mountain city of Dagestan Russia. 

The PUBG Ruins in Real-Life

13. The PUBG Stalber in Real-Life:

Last but not the least, the Topmost place in PUBG Erangel Stalber is inspired by a real-life Alberty, Rocky mountain region, in Canada. 

Stabler is a combination of the Alberty Mountains and placed some random buildings, observatories, towers, and walls. There is no same photo available so I can compare it.

It’s like a Ghost place for me when I play PUBG nobody comes there instead of a BOT so that I can get 1 kill at least.

Real-Life Location: Alberty, Rocky mountain region, Canada. 

[MiraMar Map] PUBG Real Places – InGame VS Ral-Life:

Miramar The deadly desert in PUBG Mobile, it’s not that popular but respecting the biggest area in PUBG Mobile I have found 2 Real-life locations from Miramar.

1. The Hacienda del Patrón in Real-Life:

Its hard to pronounce for me but check the image you will get what location I am talking about.

This Hacienda del Patrón from Miramar is taken from Stone Mansion, Paradise valley, situated in Arizona in Real-Life.

It will be the same if we compare this place with the Military base in Erangel in the case of Combat and Loot.

Real-Life Location: Stone Mansion, Paradise valley, situated in Arizona.

The Hacienda del Patrón in Real-Life

2. The Los Leones, Miramar in Real-Life:

The most dangerous and favorite place in Miramar PUBG, we can compare Los Leones with Pochinki in Erangel.

This Los Leones is taken from Mud Scraper city, Yemen in Real Life.

Real-Life Location: Mud Scraper city, Yemen.

The Los Leones, Miramar in Real-Life

[Sanhok Map] PUBG Real Places – InGame VS Ral-Life:

Sanhok is a small Map but it’s so beautiful and if you see the Real Life Sanhok images then you will fall in love with Sanhok Map.

1. The Paradise Resort Sanhok in Real-Life:

The Paradise Resort in Sanhok is a lovely place in Real Life. This Place in PUBG Mobile is inspired by Khao Sok Paradise Suratthani, Thailand in Real Life.

As Expected the lovely tourist point Thailand is in PUBG now, so enjoy.

Real-Life Location: Khao Sok Paradise Suratthani, Thailand.

 The Paradise Resort Sanhok in Real-Life

2. The Ruins, Sanhok in Real-Life:

Ruins in Erangel is not so popular so what, Ruins Sanhok is comparatively the same as Pochinki in Erangel.

This Ruins in Sanhok is inspired by Marauk U Ruins, Myanmar, Asia in Real Life.

Real-Life Location: Marauk U Ruins, Myanmar, Asia.

The Ruins, Sanhok in Real-Life

3. The Cave, Sanhok in Real-Life:

Have you visited the Cave in Sanhok, wonder how beautiful it is!! Actually, this cave is inspired by Nakhon Cave, Bangkok, Thailand.

I wonder the majority of Sanhok Map is taken from Thailand only.

Real-Life Location: Nakhon Cave, Bangkok, Thailand.

The Cave, Sanhok in Real-Life

4. The Bhan, Sanhok in Real-Life:

This location, I think the Sanhok lobby starts here right? if yes please let me know in the comment.

This Location looks more beautiful in Real life, check out the photo below.

Real-Life Location: Sai Nagm Banyan Grove, Phimai, Thailand.

The Bhan, Sanhok in Real-Life

5. The Mongnai, Sanhok in Real-Life:

This Location is mixture of Coconut and Palm trees, its real life location is Coconut/Palm Ditch farming, Thailand.

Just imagine a whole map is based on one country, how proud a moment it will be for that Thailand players.

Real-Life Location: Coconut/Palm Ditch farming, Thailand

The Mongnai, Sanhok in Real-Life

[Vikendi Map] PUBG Real Places – InGame VS Ral-Life:

The Snow Map, this Vikendi Map is totally different in PUBG, you get different vehicles, places, and Enemy Traces with Iceball Fun.

After Playing this map I realize PUBG is not just a Battleground game here we can also Enjoy the open-world fun while playing.

1. The Cement Factory, Vikendi in Real-Life:

One of the Popular Place in Vikendi The cement Factory, have you played here? This place in PUBG is inspired by Devil’s slide cement plant, Utah, the USA in Real Life.

Real-Life Location: Devil’s slide cement plant, Utah, USA.

 The Cement Factory, Vikendi in Real-Life

2. The Castle, Vikendi in Real-Life:

Vikendi Castle is quite like a Maze for new players. You enter from one side and get out on the Castel roof. But I found you get a decent amount of Loot here so players love to land here.

The Castle in Vikendi is inspired by and taken from Castle in Trakai, Lithuania in Real Life.

Real-Life Location: Castle in Trakai, Lithuania.

 The Cement Factory, Vikendi in Real-Life

3. The Cosmodrome, Vikendi in Real-Life:

The Rocket site in Vikendi, Cosmodrome Area. We can compare this location to a Military base in Erangel, but you get to see the Rocket here.

The Cosmodrome in Vikendi is inspired and taken from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in Real Life.

Real-Life Location: Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan..

The Cosmodrome, Vikendi in Real-Life

4. The Dino Park, Vikendi in Real-Life:

This Dino Park in Vikendi PUBG is more like a Public Park in real life. The same Park is in Odgen’s George S. Dinosaur park, Utah, USA.

I think DinoPark is inspired by this Dinosaur Park in the USA. Anyway, this was the last Real Life Location I am sharing here.

Real-Life Location: Odgen’s George S. Dinosaur park, Utah, USA.

The Dino Park, Vikendi in Real-Life

Let me know if you like this collection and if any suggestion you can comment below.

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