Random: SNES Hacker Working On Widescreen Support For Super Mario World

Super Mario World

As much as we appreciate Nintendo’s efforts with the Switch Online SNES and NES service, these games are for most parts basic emulations of the original classics. While there are some enhancements, we’re still stuck with a 4:3 screen display.

If you’ve always dreamed of what older games like Super Mario World would look like with “ultrawide” screen support, software and computer engineer Vitor Vilela – who also happens to be a “SNES ROM hacker” – has got you covered. The plan is to release Super Mario World “Widescreen” soon. For now though, here’s a look at the Butter Bridge level with this patch applied:

While we’re sure many would love to see Nintendo add this sort of feature to its retro games, it seems it is more interested in reviving older series in different ways. During the E3 Direct, for example, it announced the return of Advance Wars. Although many veterans of the series probably would have settled for widescreen and an HD facelift, it got WayForward to recreate the game from the ground up with new artwork and 3D graphics.

Would you be interested in playing older games like Super Mario World in an ultrawide screen mode? Comment down below.

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