Sega Shipped 1 Million Copies of Judgment

Sega officially shipped one million copies of Judgment. The official Judgment Japanese Twitter account shared this information. To celebrate, Judgment will be available at a discounted price through the Japanese PlayStation Network store. People can take advantage of this sale until June 23, 2024. However, this discount is currently only available in the Japanese PlayStation Store.

To celebrate Judgment shipping 1 million copies, a special Twitter campaign is underway. This campaign is also exclusive to those located in Japan. Regarding the discounted price on the PlayStation Network store, this discount applies to both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game. Sega has also released a statement, thanking consumers for their support and the success of the title.

A direct sequel to Judgment is currently in development. Lost Judgment will see key members of the cast return. This will includes main character Takayuki Yagami. Actor Takuya Kimura will reprise his role. This sequel will feature new side-stories and a new case for players to solve. This title will receive a simultaneous worldwide release.

Judgment originally released in December 2018 to Japanese audiences. However, it appeared globally in June 2019. Since its initial release, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Google Stadia versions launched in April 2024.


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