What Does That Starfield Teaser Trailer Tell Us?

What Does That Starfield Teaser Trailer Tell Us?

There are few titles that come close to Starfield when it comes to the amount of time passed between its announcement and its launch date, and as such, it’s one of the more notable members of a smaller and smaller club of games that have completely coasted on their elevator pitch – as opposed to what they actually are, for years. It does appear, however, that those days are finally coming to an end. Starfield’s life as an abstract concept that started (at least publicly) with the original trademark being established back in 2013 is wrapping up at this point.

Gamers being given vague impressions on just what Starfield is, and using that as a basis to imagine whatever they want it to be are literally numbered now, and it will soon be a real thing with pros and cons that can actually be judged. We know this because we have gotten a new trailer for the game that dropped during E3 that not only assures us that Starfield is indeed still a thing, but also that we have a timeline for when we should expect to actually get our hands on the game after all this time. On top of that, despite hard details on Starfield still being pretty few and far between, the trailer alludes to a handful of important points that we can logically glean.


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