Sifu Gets a New Combat Heavy Gameplay Trailer During IGN Expo


Today, during the IGN Expo, Sloclap games showed off a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming third person action game, Sifu. In the trailer below, you can see some intense hand-to-hand combat, as well as the use of the environment.

Sifu will arrive on PS4, PS5, and PC at some point soon in 2024. For more information, be sure to check out the game’s official website. There, you’ll find plenty of info, including the description we’ve listed below:

In Sifu, the hunt for the assassins of your family will take you through the hidden corners of the city, from gang-ridden suburbs to the cold hallways of corporate towers. You have one day, and countless enemies on your way. Time will be the price to pay.

Careful positioning and clever use of the environment to your advantage are key to your survival. Throwable objects, makeshift weapons, windows and ledges… The odds are stacked against you, you will have to use everything at your disposal to prevail.

Kung Fu is a path for the body and the mind. Learn from your errors, unlock unique skills, and find the strength within yourself to master the devastating techniques of Pak-Mei Kung-Fu.

If you’d like to see more of what was announced during the IGN Expo, you can check out our full coverage of the event right here at Twinfinite. We’ve also got plenty of ongoing E3 coverage, so check back to the site for consistent updates for everything you could ever want or need about all of the events that are occurring throughout this weekend.


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