Skyrim-with-Morrowind mod Skywind still looks incredible, and still sounds a long way off

We’ve been covering Skywind for the better part of a decade, and the effort to bring Morrowind into the world of Skyrim mods has always seemed wildly ambitious – but each update brings us another step closer to the mod’s eventual release. The latest dev video once again looks amazing, and once again serves as a reminder that it’s probably gonna be a while before the mod launches in full.

The fact that the first major point in the video is that “almost all essential concept art for Skywind is now complete” might tip you off to how much more development time the project has left. That doesn’t mean that the mod has been in pre-production this whole time, of course – just that the modellers have more material to work with, and the 2D artists can focus more on things like textures and loading screens.

Within the past year, the devs have made unique covers for every book in the game, and have also completed over 100 dungeons and interiors in that period. You can expect tombs and such to be bigger and more varied than they were in the original Morrowind. Refined skill trees and a spell-crafting system will ensure that you have more gameplay style options than in Skyrim, too.

You can see the latest updates for yourself in the dev video below.

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For now, I just have my fingers crossed that Skywind will launch before the Elder Scrolls 6 release date. Surely another few years will be enough time, right?

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