Stardew Valley for Switch has been updated and it’s fixed the ‘notorious mummified bat issue’

If there’s one game on the Nintendo Switch which has seen huge support post-launch from its developer, it’s Stardew Valley. Spanning across most platforms, the cute and addictive farm sim received the long-awaited ver1.5 update earlier this year, but some fans on Switch have aired their annoyances (take one look at Reddit, for example) regarding an issue where players can’t locate mummified bats. They’re pretty much impossible to get by the looks of things according to this Reddit post.

Well, there’s some good news as the dev announced on Twitter that a patch is now available for Stardew Valley for Nintendo Switch that aims to remedy the issue. As well as making your search for the elusive mummified bat a little easier, it’ll also squash some bugs and implement some fixes.

Side note: if you’re experiencing issues downloading the patch, or anything else from the eShop for that matter, then head over to our other post here to check out some workarounds for the error code that’s been cropping up recently thanks to the latest Switch firmware update.


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