Stream Hatchet: Nintendo’s Direct had the highest peak of viewers during E3 2024

E3 2024 has come to an end. For Nintendo fans, the company’s Nintendo Direct had been highly anticipated for months. Regardless of how well the Nintendo Direct actually did. a lot of people tuned in to see exactly what Nintendo was going to show. And thanks to Stream Hatchet, a group that “provides data and insights in the eSports and game streaming industry”, we now know precisely how high the viewership was.

According to Stream Hatchet, the E3 2024 Nintendo Direct had a peak viewer count of 3,100,000 across Twitch and YouTube Gaming. This made Nintendo have the highest peak viewer count during E3, with Microsoft’s presentation being the runner-up at 2 ,300,000. Stream Hatchet’s tweet can be seen down below.

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