Survival fans should check out Arid, a free survival game created by students

There’s a moment early in survival game Arid that’s a bit of a kick in the gut. After surviving a plane crash in a scorching desert, I’m scurrying around searching for clean water to fill my canteen, stockpiling what little food I can find, crafting bandages from spare cloth, and venturing carefully into spooky, claustrophobic caves using a stick doused in oil as a torch.

And when I leave the cave, I see an airplane on the horizon. It’s my would-be rescuers, searching for me. But they’re looking in the wrong place. The plane is slowly crossing the sky a few miles away from my own downed aircraft. I won’t be able to just gather supplies and then hunker down here and wait to be rescued. I’ve got to cross the sun-blasted desert to reach the search area if I want to have any hope of surviving. Sheeeeit.

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