Take-Two is releasing 62 games by 2024, and we have guesses about what they are

Take-Two held its spring quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, bringing another fiscal year to a close with a casual five million more copies of GTA 5 sold. Take-Two reiterated that it has new versions of GTA 5 coming to the next-gen consoles, though naturally it didn’t say a peep about when we should expect GTA 6. But the company did lay out a surprisingly detailed chart on what kinds of games it has coming out in the next three years.

Take-Two broke down its 2022, 2023, and 2024 fiscal year release calendars into five categories, including “immersive core” and “mid-core” games, mobile, independent games published by Private Division, and re-releases of existing games. Altogether it’s planning to put out 62 games by March 2024 when the 2024 fiscal year comes to an end.

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