The best Biomutant classes and breeds

Want to know what the best class is in Biomutant? In this action RPG, you’ll need to create the most robust Biomutant possible to face off against unusual enemies and explore hazardous lands. As you progress through the game, your character will be exposed to bio-contamination and radioactivity to unlock brand new mutations and abilities.

Classes that feel underwhelming at the beginning of the game can be improved drastically as you find new abilities. Biomutant allows players to respec at almost any time, so you can change your breed as well as your class if you really want to spice things up. Remember, there’s no downside to respeccing, so it’s worth trying out everything to see what works best for you.

The trick to building the best class in Biomutant is to constantly re-code your genetic structure to suit your environment. If the enemies you’re forced to fight are too powerful up close, switch to a class that focuses on ranged combat and vice versa. Here’s how to build the best class in Biomutant.

Best Biomutant Breeds

There are six breeds to pick from, each containing their own set of stats. Don’t feel pressured into picking any one of these breeds based on their stat points alone as it doesn’t take long before you end up out-leveling your base stats. We recommend picking the breed that you think has the best appearance.

Here are all six breeds in Biomutant:

  • Primal – Primal is a nimble developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid with a gene mutation making them agile and dexterous at the cost of a lesser developed intellect
  • Dumdon – Dumdon is the least developed anthropological breed. A hybrid off-shoot that compensates the lack of mental prowess with physical strength
  • Rex – Rex is an extraordinary developed anthropological breed. A hybrid outcast with an even DNA string making it apt for both physical and mental challenges
  • Hyla – Hyla is a regenerative developed anthropological breed. A hybrid with a gene mutation making them extremely tough and resilient
  • Fip – The Fip breed is renowned for a highly evolved mind. It’s genius is directly interlinked to the power of Ki which amplifies their Psionic output
  • Murgel – Murgel is the definition of an idealised breed. It’s evolutionary lineage has gone in a direction where form and appearance has dominated over function

After picking your breed, you can change your character’s genetics to adjust your base stats into areas you prefer. This actually does have an impact on your character, so you’ll want to think carefully about where you place your stats. As we’re going for the best class overall, skew your stats to focus on strength and agility as these two stats are extremely helpful in combat.

The character creation menu in Biomutant

You also have the option to modify your resistance to the four biomes: Heat, Radioactivity, Cold, and Biohazard. The biome you encounter the most is Biohazard, and you can use your resistance to farm Bio Points which can be used to acquire Biogenetics.

Best Biomutant Classes

The five classes in Biomutant have their own unique playstyles. The Saboteur is the best class in Biomutant thanks to its two special abilities: Twin Silver Grip and Hypergenetic. Twin Silver Grip allows you to equip two different one-handed melee weapons at the same time, and Hypergenetic reduces the energy cost of dodges by 20%. The Saboteur is the best class because it works well in every environment without having to adjust your loadout specifically for problematic enemies.

Here are all five classes in Biomutant:

  • Dead-Eye – The Dead-Eye is a tricky, skillful rogue who’s chosen a life outside law and society values
  • Commando – The Commando is trained as an operative of an elite special operations force. Commandos are used to working in smaller teams
  • Psi-Freak – Psi-Freaks are experimenting with psionic powers and mutations. They’re usually outcasts on the fringe of society
  • Saboteur – The Saboteur is a cunning, skilled explorer trained to operate covertly in both suburbs and wilderness
  • Sentinel – Sentinels dedicate themselves to protect a house. Their dedication is for the organisation as a whole, including supreme belief in their dogma

Every class is capable of wielding melee weapons and guns, but your effectiveness with these weapons will vary depending on which class you pick. Fighting from a distance may feel like the best option when starting the game, but melee combat is by far the most effective way of dealing damage once you learn how the combat system works.

And that’s all you need to know about how to build the best class in Biomutant. If you’re in the mood for great RPGs, give our best RPG games on PC list a read to discover the best the genre has to offer.

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