Mass Effect modders to restore same-sex romances from unused audio files

The recent release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has come with various revelations about the history of the series, and some changes: elements that were cut, some that couldn’t be restored, and tiny tweaks you probably won’t even notice. One of the big discoveries was that certain same-sex romance options were planned for inclusion during development, to the extent that scripted dialogue exists in the game’s files, but didn’t appear in the final product.

Some of this will come down to the process of developing a game with this scale of script and player choice: voice actors always record many more lines than are eventually used, simply because it’s much easier to have the options available than to have to go back and re-record. But as former Bioware animator Jonathan Cooper revealed earlier this year, other elements of same-sex romance were removed from the games for much more dubious reasons.

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