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Basketball is an American pastime. Or is that baseball? Maybe it’s both? I’m not a sportsman. The 2022 NBA Playoffs are approaching, bringing with them what I’m assuming are some very important games of basketball. To celebrate this, the NBA is having a crossover with Fortnite. Okay, that’s fine. This is all fine. I’m not sure what being dropped onto an island for the purposes of murdering your way to the top has to do with millionaires throwing spheres at hoops, but I suppose we’re both going to find out about Fornite x NBA within a paragraph or two, won’t we?

The Crossover is set to go into effect on May 21 at 8 PM EST. Once it does, you can outfit your Fortnite characters in clothing bearing the markings of 30 NBA teams. A quick Google search has informed me that that’s exactly how many NBA teams there are. So, you can buy jerseys for all of them. Epic knows people will absolutely do that, so it has seen fit to make the In the Paint set, which includes all 30 uniforms, plus one extra. What’s the extra one, though? Is it just a jersey with Fortnite written on it?


Fortnite x NBA begins soon

But wait, there’s more. The Shoot and Score pack comes with a basketball-themed emote and a mini hoop back bling. In case the second one isn’t clear, that’s a hoop you can put on your character’s backs that can have the name of any NBA team on it. There’s also a dribbling emote, if you really, really want to pretend you’re playing basketball while shooting strangers. Finally, locker bundles picked out by NBA stars Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young will show up in the item shop.

In the future, even more events are planned, plus there will be NBA stuff added into Creative Mode.

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